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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Points to Remember about Self-tanning

You can get more benefits by loving your own skin color. You can be more beautiful without spending a dime just by being content. But this should not stop you to embrace change whenever you like it. Self-tanning can also be a means to express yourselves. Achieving a new skin color can heightened your […]

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Choosing Self Tanner Brands

A lot of people these days are gradually making the move from using non-organic products to more natural and organic products for a good reason. Not only can people contribute in keeping the environment clean and green but going organic keeps them away from the harmful effects of chemicals in most products, particularly from […]

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Exfoliate: Steps in How To Prepare For Your Perfect Self-Tan

What is exfoliation? Basically, exfoliation is the removal and replacement of dead skin cells with younger and newer skin cells. You could say that this is a process that is similar to what snakes do when they shed their skins. Know that the main purpose of exfoliation is to unclog pores where natural skin […]

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Good Things About Organic Self Tanners

Organic-based products are gradually becoming popular these days. Not only are they mostly available but they are also safe because their ingredients or the materials used to manufacture them does not involve a lot of harmful chemicals. The same applies to organic tanners. Some of the things that you should learn about organic tanners […]

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Why Choose Sunless Self Tanner?

Ever since tanning had become surprisingly trending all over the world, many self-tanning products and alternative solutions have also evolved in the cosmetic world to obtain tanning without the aid of the sun. This is called sunless tanning because you don't need to uncover and bake your body under the heat of the sun. […]

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Sun Tanning vs. Self Tanning: Which is Better?

When sun-kissed glow or tan became a craze in the fashion world, many women, young and adult went outdoors and barely baked their skin under the sun. Almost every girl covets to have a dusky color. After few years of this craze, the world was alarmed in the increasing number of people having skin […]

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The Growing Popularity of Sunless Tanning

The Origin of Self-Tanning
In the past century, people consider having a dark skin is unattractive and not beautiful. Women, especially those who belong on higher societies take care of their skin with long sleeve suits, umbrellas, and large hats. They perceive and associate having a dark complexion to poverty and slavery because of forced […]

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Skin Considerations When Choosing A Tanning Lotion

There are a number of means to get a tanned skin and one of them is through the use of tanning lotions. Tanning lotions are products that a lot of people utilize when it comes to getting their skin tanned. They are becoming popular these days especially that they are affordable and going to […]

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Tips When Choosing A Good Tanning Gel

A tanning gel is basically a kind of lotion which contains DHA or dihydroxyavetone which is the main ingredient of tanning products. Similar to most lotions, a tanning gel is administered using your hands as opposed to tanning sprays which you spray on parts of your body. When choosing which tanning gel to purchase, […]

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Tips In Choosing The Best Self-Tanning Spray

A lot of people are obsessed in getting that tanned look and are willing to go as far as go to tanning salons on a weekly basis just to have that tanned complexion. However, not all people have the luxury of time to visit tanning salons to get tanned hence self-tanning spray products are […]

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