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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Spray Tanning During Pregnancy

Spray tanning has gradually become popular and the good news is that even soon-to-be-mothers can also get themselves tanned for added appeal. However, there are a number of reminders that pregnant women should always keep in mind when it comes to spray tanning such as:


DHA is the most common ingredient of most self tanning […]

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Spray Tanning: Skin Preparation and Application

There are a number of things that you should know if you plan to get your skin tanned. For one, skin naturally replaces its dead skin cells every 28 days and 25% of the skin is exfoliated every week which eventually removes UV induced tan. Though there is what is called sunless spray tanning […]

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Getting A Tan Before Your Vacation

Would it not be great if rather than take the time trying to get a tanned appearance during vacation is that you are already flaunting it instead? While people tend to spend their summer vacation on beaches trying to get a bronze look, it would be more convenient to be spending vacation focusing on […]

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Keep Your Tanned Skin Moisturized

Knowing how to keep your tanned skin moisturized is important especially when spring break comes and it is common knowledge that tans easily fade at this time of the year. The good news is that there are ways to keep that tanned look for a longer period of time while being able to keep […]

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More Safety Tips while Tanning

Sunglasses where not only invented just so people can look cool whenever they go to the beach. Its primary purpose is to protect the eyes of its wearer. Natural sunlight can cause potential harm to a person's eyes the same as artificial ultra-violet or UV rays can. When it comes to picking the best […]

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Sunless Tanning Gains Popularity Among Teens

People are naturally vain up to a certain extent and these days, a growing number of them aspire to get and prolong that tanned skin. For them, having tanned skin makes them appealing and desirable and it is not only the adults who tend to frequent the beach just to achieve it but also […]

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5 Reasons to Tan Before Christmas

Would it be weird if people would go get themselves tanned when Christmas is just around the corner? Not to mention, go to the beach or any place with a tropical climate to get their much desired tanned look? The fact is that there are a number of good reasons to get yourself tanned […]

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Key Points in Choosing A Good Tanning Lotion

People who often enjoy sunbathing on the beach tend to neglect the possibility of their skin getting seriously damaged by the sun's rays. While it is true that exposing yourself to the sun is a method to get that desired tanned look, you still have to take your health into consideration. This means that […]

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