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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tanning Basics: All About Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanners have grown extremely popular these days that even those who regularly go to the beach to sunbathe and get their skin bronzed also utilize fake tanners at some point. If you are planning to switch from your old method of tanning into the more reliable sunless tanning method then there are a […]

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How to Tan Safely with Self-Tanners

If you are someone who enjoys sunbathing because of the tanning effect it gives you that makes you feel good, then it is important for you know how to safely get yourself tanned. These days, people have a variety of options in how to go about getting that desirable bronzed skin. Some prefer the […]

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Why Go for Thermalabsa�� Ultimitt?

If you enjoy tanning then there is no reason for you not to utilize Thermalabs' Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt. In fact, you could go ahead and check the varying reviews of people about the product and see how much they enjoyed using the product. Of course, reading them may not be enough so here […]

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Self-Tanning Tips for Every Skin

While the number of people who enjoy tanning keeps on increasing, a growing number of them have opted to use self tanners as their go-to tanning method. People no longer have the luxury to go to a beach and sunbathe, let alone spend a fortune to get a hotel reservation close to the beach. […]

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Moisturizing Tanned Skin

Tanning has grown popular in the last couple of years and it did not take long before countless fake tanning products started being manufactured in the market to cater to people who take pride in having that bronzed appearance. However it is also equally important to take the necessary steps in keeping your skin […]

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Why Use Tanning Mitts?

Do you not notice that a growing number of people are realizing how important tanning mitts are when it comes to using fake tan products? Using tanning mitts to get that tanning job done offers a lot of advantages:

Coverage: Using a tanning mitt when you are applying tanning solution on your body allows you […]

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Importance of Tanning Mitts

Does it not feel good to be admired by the people around you? Just imagine getting the attention of someone who you like or admire thanks to your new and attractive tanned complexion. You do not need to feel embarrassed about it because wanting to get the attention of someone you like is understandable […]

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Tips On How To Properly Apply Sunless Tanners

Sunless tanners are gradually replacing conventional tanning method like going to the beach for a sunbathing or visiting the local tanning salon. Furthermore, the sun's UV rays can lead to drying of skin and at the worst, skin cancer. Though sunless tanners have proven to be very effective and efficient in delivering the service […]

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Self Tanning Tips: How to Avoid Patchy Tan

Let me guess. Your recent tanning experience is not what you expected it to be. More like, you are dissatisfied with the results, short of saying that you are now looking at some unpleasant tanning patches on your skin, right? How did I know? Well, for one, you would not be reading this article […]

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