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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Self Tanners in Action: Tontouring

Contouring is another way to build up self-confidence. It is done by drawing some lines towards your nose line or abs or any part of your body to make it look thinner or sexier through the use of make up. But everyday contouring is sometimes time consuming and tiring especially when you have to […]

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Quick Ways to Remove Self Tanner Stains from your Clothes

In every application of self tanner products, stains are many times out of control. It can spill out on your carpet, bed sheets and the most prone fabric is your clothes because it sticks on your skin while you are letting your applied self tanner dry. It is one of the most frustrating disadvantages […]

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Self Tanning Trick: Using Back Applicator

One of the most frustrating problems of a self tanning lover is to reach the hard-to-reach areas of the body, like the back, when applying self tanning solutions. Of course, with the help of others, it is possible. But don't you worry now because this self tanning accessory will wash away your frustrations and […]

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Achieve Beautiful Skin with Jute Exfoliating Glove

Our skin naturally frees dead skin cells so that it remains firmer and ideally clean. Because of that process, we need to help ourselves remove the dead skin cells off the outer layer of our skin. There are many ways for you to undergo exfoliation of the skin. The best way to enjoy this […]

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Sun-Kissed Skin: 6 Simple Steps to Get That Perfect Self-Tan

Oh no! Summer is at an end.

This means we only have a small amount of time left for refreshing fruit drinks, beach visits, and even summer parties. The days when you can enjoy your hard-earned, golden, sun-kissed skin will soon come to an end.

But does your tanned skin also have to go away when […]

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How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face and Body?

Your skin has a tough job: it protects you from all the harmful material that the world throws at you every day ‘ all while still being vibrant and smooth.

Doing this job takes a toll on your skin, though: all these foreign materials end up on your skin.

The adult human body sheds 50,000 skin […]

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