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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Why Does Thermalabs Ultimitt Keep Getting A 5-Star Rating

Tanning mitts are a necessity. Not only does it help make applying tanning lotions less messy and easier, it also helps keep application very even, which helps prevent streaks and dark spots.

There are plenty of tanning mitts available in the market, more so online. And in, Thermalabs frequently comes out on top as […]

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Can You Work Out After Getting A Spray Tan?

For those eager to know, and afraid to test it out themselves, the simple answer to can you work out after getting a spray tan?' is NOT YET. Why you ask?

Well, you first have to understand the point of spray tanning and how it works. Spray tanning involves spraying on a tanning solution […]

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How To Make Your Sunless Tan Last Longer Even When Swimming


The tanning business has experienced a renaissance ever since sunless tanning has become a trend. More and more people are starting to discover that tanning need not be time-consuming, and that it can be done year round and are now safer than self tanning.

A sunless tanner can either be cosmetic (easy to apply, and […]

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Why is Moisturizing Your Tanned Skin Important?

Moisturizing skin ‘ you either belong to those who always do it or to those who don't see the need to do it at all. To settle this moisturizing question once and for all, let us understand our skin and how moisturizing affects it.

Our skin naturally produces its own oil called sebum, which helps […]

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Types Of Spray Tan Machines

There are a multitude of spray tan machines each with their own unique features and purpose. Each of these machines that are growing popular in the tanning industry offer a variety of advantages and knowing what you need will help you figure out what type of spray tan machine you are looking for. Here […]

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Other Places Where You Can Use the Beach Tent

A good and sturdy beach tent will have plenty of uses and value. It provides you plenty of comfort, shade, and some sense of security and space when you bring it along to your beach trips. But useful as it already is, there is still plenty of use you can get out of it.

Here […]

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Travel Tips: Carrying Your Beach Tent

Going to the beach is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with your family. Nature is everywhere, so you can travel anywhere for your camping or beach trip. You can journey to a national park, drive to a local campground, or pitch a tent to a lovely beach. So […]

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The Role of Beach Tent in Caring for Your Self-Tanned Skin

You are a self tanner aficionado and you always know that sun bathing for self tanners like you is a little bit prohibited. It is because when you soak your body under the sun your skin will be burn. When your skin is burnt, it will flake and will peel in a few days […]

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