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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Wonders of Coffee and Sugar to Exfoliate Before Tanning

There are lots of preparation to do when it comes to tanning your skin. You'll have prep your skin by exfoliating in order for your skin to be in the best condition before it bathes under the sun or indoors by using sunbeds. There are many products to choose from when you plan to […]

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Fake Tan Alerts: Don’t Do These!

It's great to have a fake tan. It saves you the time and effort in getting that sun-kissed glow on your skin. You won't have to worry about getting sunburns while sunbathing, you just have to buy a self-tanner product that suits you. Having that said, it's not always a walk in the park […]

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How to Organize a Tanning Party

Having your body undergo a tanning treatment is great for the summer season. But, the process can be more fun with people to share the experience. This can be done by hosting your own tanning party. This can be a great way to gather up with some friends or family to enjoy the wonderful […]

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Skincare Regimen that will Enhance Your Tan

To make yourself standout during the summer season or when you go to beaches under the sun, it's best that you get a tan for your body to glow and maintain your look to last longer. You can get your tan by simply going to sunbeds, spray tans, or be efficient by using self-tanning […]

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Valentine Makeup Tricks Using Self Tanners

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you surely want to make yourself presentable and glamorous for your date on that very romantic day. That date on Valentine's Day with the one you love will surely be romantic and wonderful and it's best that you look good for the occasion. One way of doing it […]

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How To Stop Severe Tanning Itch and What are Its Causes?

Whether you just came from that nice summer vacation or from your favorite tanning salon, it does feel good to have that golden brown look.

But while having that gorgeous tan, what really is more annoying is having that worst feeling in your body afterwards ‘ tanning itch.

Tanning itch is not comparable to your normal […]

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Self-Tanning Tips for all the Travel Junkie

There are many people who desires that elegant tan color in their skin and not so many people know how to do it even without going to tanning salons. Having a tan on your body is great, especially during the summer and other occasions where you'll hang out in the beach or near the […]

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What to Love About Thermalabs Exfoliation Glove

Last December 2015, Thermalabs has launched the Exfoliating Gloves Pack . Thermalabs is well known for their high quality formulations and natural self-tanning products and we are very confident that our new cosmetic product will be as popular as the previous ones. Unlike other normal exfoliating gloves, Thermalabs ensures that this is one […]

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Self Tanner Tips: How To Prolong Your Tan

Summer time is fast coming and it won't be staying long. Most of us love to have that copper tan and while it is not possible to keep it forever, here are some tips you can do before, during and after sunbathing that could help prolong it.

Before going on a summer vacation:

Body Scrub/Exfoliate

Prolonged exposure […]

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