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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Top Self-Tanner Mistakes Youa��re Actually Making Without Realizing It



Having a tan is one of the most complimenting features of your body. Who can deny the wondrous contouring that the color gives to your body?

There are a lot of methods to get a tan be it from soaking as much sunlight as you can for the entire duration of the day; or you […]

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3-D Tanning Technique Using Thermalabs Self Tanners

Tan skin is quite a rave in the skin care industry. Not only does it aid in giving your body the nice angular appeal that body builders desire or the exotic aura, it gives you that confidence that can only be provided with a bronze color.

With this particular skin color in an uproar, it's […]

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Tanning Tips and Care for Sensitive Skin

A lot of people enjoy the beauty of tanned skin. With its ability to help define your body, no wonder tanning is a rave in the cosmetics industry. However, it can be a downside to have sensitive skin.

How to do a tan with my sensitive skin?

One's sensitive skin is a great hurdle to enjoying […]

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What Causes After Tanning Odor and How to Prevent It?

Tanning has always been a craze in the skin care industry. Who can deny the wonderful appeal of bronze colored skin? Even bodybuilder themselves adorn themselves of this particular skin color, due to its ability to highlight the body.

Tanning beds and tanning salons have risen in popularity due to its ability to provide you […]

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Skincare Products That May Be Bad for Your Tanned Skin

Tanned skin is a physical attribute many individuals sought after. With the aid of spray tanning machines and self-tanning, you can enjoy getting tanned skin without being basked in UV radiation. Achieving the golden color can be quite an arduous task thus it's not surprising you'd want to keep your tan longer. While we […]

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How Can Spray Tanning Boost Your Confidence

Before tanning became a normal practice, it was well associated with celebrities, models and social elites. You see them on tv ads, fashion magazines and even on movies. Well, they have the money and time to go to exotic vacation spots and sunbathe all they want. But as time goes by, the practice of […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Scrub Before Self Tanning

Preparing the skin before getting a tan is very important. This actually creates the difference between getting a perfect tan and an ugly, streaking, uneven spots on your skin. Preparation depends on how soon you need that tan and the availability of skin care products that you want to use. But for now, we […]

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How to Use Olive Oil to Get a Natural Tan

There are many ways to get a natural tan, some will cost you and some you'll find in your kitchen. The one we will be talking about here is the use of olive oil. This oil has moisturizing properties that can be absorbed by the skin making it smooth and soft like a baby's […]

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