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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Why You Might Be Using Tanning Mitts All Wrong

If you've been hoping to try out tanning for quite some time, you may have gone through the basics to this little skin care venture. One can't help but wonder how prepared they can be when it comes to tanning. Tanning mitts are one of the best aids to putting the tan from self […]

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How to Use Self Tanners to Look Good in Swimsuit

With spring break around the corner, it's time to whip out your swimsuit. Swimsuits can be both a boon and a bane of existence. With so little fabric to cover your body, flaws can be seen by all. The opposite is also true, having little to cover means being able to appreciate your body […]

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Beauty Hacks: Easy Application with Back Applicator Deluxe

Tanning can be considered an art. With the intricacies on trying to even out your skin tone with the aid of sunlight or through applying self tanners, certain areas can be hard to dab on. At times, you may want to have a friend over to help you on with making your back bronze […]

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Natural Ways to Remove Your Tan or Make it Lighter

Having a tan is one of the most ideal skin complements you can get but sometimes a tan can be overbearing. There are only so many clothes you can mix and match to complement your color or you've had your fair share of bronze already. Maybe you've had your share of sunbathing and would […]

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Best Clothes To Wear After Self Tanning

One of the best things in life is showcasing your well-earned tan. Who can say no to the wonderful effects of bronze on your skin? Not only are you treated to a wonderful contouring this skin tone gives but you've earned the right to show the brown color of your skin.

There's a wide range […]

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Coffee Variants that Are Surprisingly Good for Tanning The Skin

The much beloved bronze color has been cooking up the skin care industry with a storm. Having a tan is one of the greatest approaches to indulging yourself. While you may want to avoid trips to the nearest tanning salon due to the high UV ray distribution from tanning beds, self tanners are quite […]

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Missing Spring Break but Keeping that Tan

When one hears the phrase Spring Break', it's usually a picture of the sun up high in the sky with a great set of friends by the beach. It's no surprise that various individuals would take this time to get their fair share of the beach as it isn't too hot to mingle […]

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How to Make Your Fake Tan Look Real

Getting a tan can be a tricky business especially when you don't have the luxury of time in your hands. While going to the tanning salon for your session with the tanning bed sounds tempting, these apparatus can cause more harm than a change on your skin tone. As the rising danger of cancer […]

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Safer Tanning Options According to Dermatologists

Sensitive skin can be quite the hurdle when it comes to enjoying the novelties of life. With the fad of having bronze skin, it can be a short end of the stick for those with such skin types. Tanning beds and tanning salons are out of the options as they do quite a lot […]

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