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Monthly Archives: November 2016

What to Be Thankful About Thermalabs Self Tanner

Tanning is not an odd approach to appreciating one's self. In fact, tanning has long been in the beauty industry and it's not going away any time soon. While tanning can be achieved in various manners, two of the most common methods have to be sunbathing and tanning using a tanning bed. On hot […]

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Celebrity Tanning Styles That Will Inspire You

Many people look up to Hollywood celebrities and emulate everything they wear from their fashion styles, haircut, makeup styles, tanning regimen and everything. And one of the most noticed entity is their skin color, thus, avid fans try to adapt their tanning styles and apply it to their selves. In this article you will […]

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How to Have a Glowing Skin During the Holiday Rush

From summer to autumn to winter, it's certainly a big leap when it comes to temperature. Summer did turn things up by a notch and it's not surprising that it makes a big change when autumn comes in. While the previous season was already chilly enough, winter's decked out with even lower temperatures that […]

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How To Write A Killer First Sentence To Open Your Book (PHOTOS)

How to Write a Great Opening Line for Your Novel #withcaptions

It's a common belief that summer is the right time just for swimming in a warm blue see, tanning under the hot blazing sun, backpacking, camping, flying a kite, building a sandcastle' in other words, anything that does not require particular mind work. […]

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Perks of Having Travel-Size Self Tanner with You

Travling on Thanksgiving? Being on the go is one thing, tanning while on the go is another.

While there are a lot of ways to get a tan, sparing an entire day just to bask yourself under the sun or scheduling on your next tanning bed session can be quite taxing. Not to mention the […]

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How to Achieve Beautiful Skin Complexion in Photos

Photographs can be quite tricky reflections of reality. While there's only so much we can bend at will through the means of a lens, others do try to mask their impurities using various software. If you're not the type to go gung ho with filters or to edit the blemishes out of your complexion, […]

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CYBER MONDAY Sale: CRAZY DISCOUNT on all Thermalabs ProductsA�

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What to Love about Thermalabs Complete Airbrush System

Self tanning has made a mark on the tanning industry. Not only are you treated to a more manageable approach to tanning but you're also protecting yourself from a chance to heighten your chances on getting skin cancer. In fact, in the recent years, skin cancer has risen primarily due to sunbathing and tanning […]

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Best Practices in Self-tanning

With the days growing colder and colder as the roads grow slick with the much frigid climate, it can be difficult to commit yourself to a good tan. Though it has been said time and time again that tanning through the aid of the sun, sunbathing, or using your tanning salon's tanning bed, has […]

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Advantages of Self Tanning

After the many controversies about the dangerous effects of cooking your skin under the sun just to have a bronze glow, there's nothing more to worry about because different alternative ways were born to replace sun tanning with sunless tanning. Copious kinds of self tanning products which includes oil, gel, bronzer, mousse, lotion, towelette, […]

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