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Monthly Archives: April 2017

How Convenient Spray Tan Tents Are

Spray tanning can be quite the complex task and messy if you're not too careful. While it is the healthiest option to getting your tan, a lot of tanning individuals still stick to the usual which would be through tanning salons and sunbathing. It might be due to how complex applying one's tan can […]

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How To Self Tan Hard To Reach Areas

Self tanning has become quite the beloved approach to getting one's tan. Not only is it a time-efficient approach to getting one's tan, it's also the healthiest method. With the rise of skin cancer through the years, it's not really surprising that self tanners have made a name for themselves.
Using a self tanner is […]

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Teens and Tanning Issues You Should Know About

Tanning can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. It's not actually surprising that some teenagers would be interested in the fad. With prom just right around the corner, it's not surprising that adolescents are scampering around trying to get their share of the beloved tone.

There's nothing wrong with wanting a tan however […]

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Self Tanning Tips for the Prom Season

Prom season is just around the corner and it's no surprise that people are stepping up on their look. Nothing is more eye-catching than looking great in your prom attire; at times, even a tan is the best compliment to that look. However, getting your tan just before the prom can be quite tricky […]

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The Many Uses of Coconut Oil (Bonus: Tanning)

Coconut has been dubbed as the tree of life. Not surprising as all of the tree's components are used to help uplift our lives. One of the most notable products from the coconut tree is the coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used in a lot of ways. If it's virgin coconut oil, it […]

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How To Make The Most Out Of Tanning Lotions

With the knowledge of how dangerous conventional tanning is, namely sunbathing and tanning through tanning beds, it's no surprise that self tanning has made a name of its own. Self tanners are by no means easy to work with but once you get the hang of using them, you'll learn to love them more […]

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Moisturizing Do’s And Dona��ts For Self Tanned Skin

Now, if you thought the struggle with self tanning ends with the application, you're surely wrong. When it comes to taking care of one's self tanned skin, there's a lot of things that you'll need to consider. Due to how tangible self tanned skin can be, it's best to follow these tips to making […]

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Keep Your Sports Bra from Rubbing off Your Self-Tan

Tanning has gone through various methods to be achieved. The most favorable method is self tanning. Not only are you using only a fraction of time needed for tanning compared to sunbathing or tanning through a tanning bed; it's also the safest choice. With the cases of skin cancer going up, it's no surprise […]

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