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Monthly Archives: September 2017

How To Keep Your Skin Smooth after Self Tanning

Trying to get smooth skin after self tanning is a hurdle that some self tanning individuals have come across. Since you are using a topical agent to get your tan. there are some instances where your skin doesn't come out as smooth as you'd expect. This can boil down to a lot of things […]

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Self Tanning Tips During Fall Season

Trying to keep your summer glow for the colder days is quite a hard feat. With the temperature going lower and lower, your skin is bound to shed off the layer of tan you worked yourself to get during summer. That's actually not a fate you have to endure by the time fall truly […]

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Self Tanning Gift Ideas

With the holiday season coming closer and closer, it's no surprise to be invested in certain gifts. There's a lot to think about, what your peers would like, what their hobbies are and etc. If you have some friends or family who are into tanning, you can choose some of these self tanning gifts […]

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How To Get Rid Of A Tan Quickly

Tanning has become quite a trend to improving one's look. It's not surprising as most individuals who want something to hide can make use of a good tan. Ideally, tanned skin also gives one that sultry appeal that a pale pallor misses out.

While there are numerous ways to get a tan, there are some […]

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Self Tanning Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have quite the handicap with a lot of things. From being limited to what medicine they can use to what they can eat, it's not surprising that self tanners can also be put under this scrutiny. Self tanners, or tanning lotions, are still chemicals that one puts on their body.

Tanning is a […]

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Tanning Devices Market Professional Survey

Tanning has certainly become quite a beauty trend. The methods of achieving it has certainly diversified through the years and it's only branching out as we look further into how the industry will develop in the later years.

Technology has aided in giving us various equipment. While sunbathing still remains to be the most ideal […]

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Why Use Spray Tan Tent

Methods of tanning has evolved through the years. From the well-knonwn method of sunbathing to the comfortable indoor tanning and now we have the healthiest option of getting a tan, self tanners. Whichever method you'd choose, it boils down to which one works best for you. However, as the years has trickled by, many […]

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