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Monthly Archives: January 2018

How Can Spray Tanning Lower The Risk of Skin Cancer

Cancer has spread its tendrils of fears worldwide. It's very alarming for one to have cancer. In fact, one of the most fatal cancers is skin cancer, specifically melanoma. This is a very aggressive skin cancer that has made skin cancer one of the top four cancers across the globe. One of the causes […]

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Things To Love about Airbrush Tanning Machine

If you want to look your best, one of the methods to do so is self tanning. Self tanning has become quite an appealing beauty enhancer without doing a drastic change to your body. Compared to the conventional method of tanning which is through sunbathing and indoor tanning self tanning is a much healthier […]

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Pre-Valentine Skin Treat for Self-Tanned Skin

It's already been a few days since the year started and we're already ending the first month in a few days. With that thought in mind, there's one particular event we're looking forward to, especially for couples. Valentines day is close and there's a lot of things to look forward. From chocolates to roses, […]

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Things To Know Before Getting A Spray Tan for Your Big Event

When it comes to looking your best for certain events, it's always good to make a great impression. Great impressions are done by looking your best. Thus for upcoming weddings, reunions or even lengthy holidays, one has to be ready to pose in front of the camera. One way to get your look up […]

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How to Look Good on Selfies by Using Self Tanners

Trying to look your best for the pictures can be done through a lot of ways. It could be due to the lighting in the area, the shadows you're playing around with, make up or even the kind of camera you use. Whichever these may be, trying to look great for selfies can be […]

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New Ways To Achieve Natural Glow with Self Tanners

Trying to look your best can be done in numerous ways. However, one of the ways to help make yourself look better is by getting a tan. A tan has become quite the beauty compliment to numerous individuals these days that getting one can be done easily. Unfortunately, the most common ways of getting […]

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Why Thermalabs Products Are Good For Your Skin

Looking your best starts with taking better care of your body. Firstly, our skin is the most physical aspect of our bodies so it's no surprise that we try our best to make our skin look good.

There are a lot of items to look forward to if you want to take better care of […]

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Best-selling Thermalabs Products to Keep This 2018

As we set forth for the new years, there are just some items to look into before the year ends. Tanning has become quite a beauty aid to a number of individuals. Unfortunately, the rise of sunbathing and indoor tanning has also caused quite a scare. It's been found that consistent exposure to the […]

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