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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Why Is It Good to Start with Thermalabs Self-Tanning Towelettes

Tanning has become quite a sought after beauty complement. Not only does it provide a good coverage for your skin but you can effectively hide your flaws without doing too much work. However, it's also important to understand that not all methods of getting a tan is safe. Sunbathing and indoor tanning have been […]

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Can You Get A Tan By Eating Gummy Bear?

Tanning has gone through various methods through the years. While it has been commonly achieved through sunbathing or indoor tanning, today's modern innovations pave way to various methods of getting a tan; which is why we're on the topic of getting a tan by eating gummy bears. Tanning through the means of taking something […]

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Why Exfoliating is Needed Before Self Tanning

Getting the most out of self tanning can be done through a lot of things. Be it making the most out of one's time or trying to find the right self tanner that matches your skin. These are some of the things to consider but having a great tan can be boiled down to […]

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Challenges First Time Self-Tanners Face

Self tanners can be quite the daunting approach to tanning. It's quite a big step to the very simple method of sunbathing and indoor tanning. Normally, you'd just lather yourself with some sunscreen and lie down to let the work happen. Unfortunately, this method of tanning has become quite dangerous in recent years. In […]

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How Can Spray Tanning Change Your Life

Tanning has become more and more appealing to the masses. It's not surprising since tanning can do a lot of pros for any individual. If you want to sort out your uneven skin tone, try to hide your flaws or just want a sultry look, tanning appears to be the most preferred beauty method […]

By |March 15th, 2018|Blog|0 Comments

Expert Tricks To Making Your Tan Look Better And Last Longer

Trying to make the most out of your tan is tricky. Your tanned skin can last long or a short while depending on how you got it or how you manage it. Tanning is the first step while maintaining the perfect tan is the greatest hurdle to any tanning effort. In fact, if you're […]

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Self Tanning Products You Can Recommend to Your Friends

Self tanning has become quite a very appealing approach to improving one's look. Normally, we'd rely on makeup and altering our look through various methods but tanning has become a preferred approach to bolstering one's look. It's not surprising as you can have a semi-permanent look with tanning that makeup doesn't have while not […]

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Maintain A Natural-Looking Tan For All Season

Trying to keep your self tan is a big hurdle. One of the biggest obstacle is the changing temperatures especially the shift in the seasons. Our skin tends to shed when seasons change thus it can be hard to keep a perfect tan if you're currently transitioning to the next season.

Though that can be […]

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