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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Safe Ways to Tan This Summer

The days are surely getting warmer and warmer. It’s not surprising as summer is upon us. With days full of sunshine and warm days to experience, one can’t help but dress enough to be modest for the humid days. One of the common places to be during the summer is at the beach and […]

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Summer Tips for Self Tanning Addicts

Getting a tan through sunbathing and indoor tanning are the common ways to get one's summer glow. With the days getting warmer and warmer, it's hard to escape the itch to get some sunshine. While one can enjoy basking under the sun for hours on end to get their tan, it's not exactly the […]

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How To Avoid Over Makeup Application After Self Tanning

Putting on makeup is one of the best ways to look better with yourself. It’s not surprising as makeup has become the most appreciated way to accentuate one’s beauty. Recently, makeup has been a companion to tanned skin. Normally, you don’t want to mix one with the other as putting makeup on a tanned […]

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Can You Remove Tan Using Mango Pulp?

Getting tan takes a lot of work to achieve; all the more to keep it. It’s not surprising to find that a lot of individuals want to do their best in keeping a great tan. However, certain individuals can be dissuaded and want to get rid of their tan in the long run. There’s […]

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What Do Expert Dermatologists Say About Base Tan Theory?

Tanning has become quite a lucrative business especially to make yourself look better. It’s not surprising as there’s a lot of benefits from getting a tan. From getting an overall coverage to hide your flaws such as freckles or light scars, you can even make your body look better. There’s a lot of appreciate […]

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Why Should You Try Self Tanning At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Tanning has become quite a known approach to looking your best. It's one of the ways to look good without having to drastically change your appearance. In fact, tanning can be akin to a makeover since you're changing your skin color. One's skin tone can bring about a change that can make you feel […]

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How to Ensure Even Self Tanning for Your Face and Body

Tanning is already an appealing approach to be more beautiful. With so many methods to uplift one’s look, tanning has still kept its place as one of the most sought after approach to a makeover. Unfortunately, recent years have brought flak on sunbathing and indoor tanning. This is due to the rise of skin […]

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Best Thermalabs Self Tanners to Try

Self tanning is the healthiest approach to getting a tan. Normally, you'd want to get your tan through sunbathing and indoor tanning. Not surprising as these two methods are quite convenient and straightforward. Unfortunately, these methods have been found to lead to a higher chance of getting skin cancer. It's not surprising as UV […]

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Things To Stop Doing After Self Tanning

Tanning has become quite a lucrative hobby to invest upon. Normally, you'd rely on sunbathing and indoor tanning as the common means to getting a tan. Unfortunately these are very dangerous in the long run since they can cause a lot of harm. If you're not informed, consistent exposure to UV rays can raise […]

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