3-D Tanning Technique Using Thermalabs Self Tanners


Tan skin is quite a rave in the skin care industry. Not only does it aid in giving your body the nice angular appeal that body builders desire or the exotic aura, it gives you that confidence that can only be provided with a bronze color.

With this particular skin color in an uproar, it’s not surprising that tanning salons and tanning beds are being widely used. However, have you considered the negative effects that these contraptions bring? While they are the best at giving you a tan, these machines provide your body with too much UV rays. Having so much concentrated UV rays absorbed can potentially cause cancer. No one wants to get cancer especially when you just simply want to enjoy a simple tan.

A good alternative to getting a tan nowadays is using self-tanners. In fact, you’d surprised at what a self-tanner can provide you with.

The perks of using a self-tanner

Makeup woman face. Contour and highlightAs we all know, tanning beds can cause cancer thus you’d want to avoid using the machine as much as you can. Self-tanners are more reliable as you’re not only provided with an even tan all over your body but you also enjoy a worry-free tanning experience. Most self-tanners are readily available which means you’ll surely save time and gas from your past trips to the tanning salon.

A new technique to Tanning

You must have heard of the Kardashian’s and how their luxurious beauty tips are in Instagram. You’re not far off from getting the 3D tan that they’ve been raving about. With the aid of the Thermalabs self-tanners, 3D tan is no longer an unachievable dream.

3D tan is a cosmetic tan that is not achievable via tanning beds. Self-tanners are your best friend for this experience as you’re able to control how a tan is applied to your skin. Achieving a 3D tan can take some experience on how to identify the best contours on your body. It may be a hit or miss experience but you’re still enjoying the wonderful experience of a healthy kind of tan.

Thermalabs’s approach to Tanning

Thermalabs provides a great set of products to help you get a good tan but what truly sets them apart is their usage of organic and natural ingredients in each of their products. They’ve even got tips on how to get a great tan!

With these ideas in mind, tanning or even achieving the gorgeous 3D tan that the Kardashians have showcased is not too far away from your fingertips.