3 Tips to Prevent Self-Tanning Disasters

We are all aware that having a tan body is something you can be proud off. During summer, many people try to find ways to make their skin tone fit the season like sunbathing in the beach or going to tanning booths. Unfortunately, most of the time, these people don’t realize the dangers of using tanning booths and over exposing your skin in the heat of the sun.

Overexposing your skin to UV rays from the sun and tanning lamps can cause skin cancer, sunspots, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. There are many more disasters that you can encounter when getting a tan especially when not done properly. Basically, a tan is the result of dead skin cells so if not done properly, it will cause serious damage to your skin. The solution to these problems is plain and simple, avoid tanning booths and maybe do some self-tanning methods.

Self-tanning is the best and safe way to get the skin tone you want but it also requires some safety measures before you apply them to your skin. Here are some tips on how you can prevent skin disasters.

Prepare your skin first

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABefore you apply anything on your skin, you’ll need to shave your legs, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. All these treatments can remove self-tanners if not done beforehand. Self-tanners go into your dry skin, leaving dark spots. Exfoliate a few days before you proceed to self-tanning and be sure to dry off incase you’ll do it after taking a shower. Also, try to add lightweight lotions around your nostrils, knees, elbows, and ankles to avoid then turning dark or orange. These spots need a little moisture before you do apply self-tanner products. Finally, pick the product that you want and apply the tanner on your skin carefully. I prefer that you use gloves while applying the product to prevent having orange palms.

Exfoliate by scrubbing and shaving

During the self-tanning process, you’ll encounter seeing dead skin cells in your body. Slough off the affected areas to get a perfect tan. Shave your legs during a bath and scrub some dark spots if you encounter some. Be sure to scrub carefully, because scrubbing roughly can result to uneven skin tones.

Avoid Chemicals that would ruin your tan

I’m referring to chlorine that is used in pools. Dipping your body in a chlorine-filled pool can strip off the top layer of your skin and therefore ruining your artificial tan. Other chemicals like bleach and some anti-dandruff shampoos can also ruin your tan so be careful of what you apply in your skin. Also, try to avoid using makeup that draws attention to uneven colors of your skin.

Well there you have it! Following these tips can save you from the self-tanning disasters and enjoy a successful self-tanning experience.