5 Great Tips In How To Use Tanning Mitts

Self-tanning products have all been the rage these days. With people looking for more convenient and affordable ways to get their skin bronzed, self-tanners has become a staple in their lifestyle. If this is your first time using self-tanning mitts then you may want to keep the following tips in mind to enhance your self-tanning experience.

smiling woman with exfoliation gloveUse Self Tanner Sparingly: When you are using your self-tanning product through the use of a sunless tanning mitt, refrain from using too much of the product. One of the main roles of sunless tanning mitt is to help you economically utilize your self-tanning product on your body by spreading it in a thinner manner. With this in mind, be careful not to put too much self tanning product on your mitt.

Rinse Your Hands Well: Depending on the sunless tanning mitt that you are using, you may want to check if some tanning product is being soaked through the back of your hand. The fact is that there are sunless tanning mitts out there that are designed poorly that the tanning solution may spill inside your hands or palm. In such an event, just make sure that you rinse your hands well.

Do Not Rub: It does not mean that if you are using tanning mitts is that it is already okay for you to rub the solution on your body. The proper way to apply the self tanner on your body with the help of a mitt is by applying it in a circular motion. Rubbing will just cause the tan to streak which is not the result you are aiming to achieve.

Replace Your Mitts Periodically: While tanning mitts are mostly designed for repetitive uses, it is best that you replace them with new ones every 6 months for optimal performance. You should do this more especially if you utilize your mitts often.

Clean Your Mitts: Make sure that you properly clean your self-tanning mitts after every use. Use a gentle soap and warm water as they are effective when it comes to clearing tanning product residue on your mitts. Use baby soap since they are mild and will not damage your mitt. Once you are done washing and rinsing your mitt, let it dry for an ample amount of time.

Self-tanning products require delicate handling if you want to achieve satisfying results and purchasing a pair of tanning mitt can make a big difference when it comes to getting the result you are looking for. For your tanning mitt needs, go for the trusted brand – Thermalabs ULTIMITT! It is durable, very long lasting and will not let you down. Furthermore, Thermalabs gives you one year guarantee for it. You read it right, one year and just 30 days unlike other brands! 446d[3]]|| navigator[_