Accessories to Match your Perfect Tan

rubber sandalsIt is normal to expect people to start flocking the beaches to flaunt their gorgeous tan during summer. However, it can be challenging for you to ramp your assets if the scorching heat of the sun is making walking on the sands a hellish experience. For this reason, it is important that you are prepared not only with the kind of swimsuit that would help accentuate your figure as well as your bronzed skin but also when it comes to traversing the scorching sands of the beach.

And this is where having the right beach sandals can make a big difference when it comes to enjoying your summer vacation as well as showing off your tanned skin at the beach. So what are the pointers that you need to remember when choosing and wearing sandals to complement your tanned appeal?

Less is better: The first rule that you should follow is to pick the sandals that does not have much design on it. The simpler the sandal, the more skin you are able to show ‘ meaning more tanned sexiness.

Color: This may sound like a mantra but it cannot be stressed how important it is to pick a pair of sandals with the color that will perfectly complement your swimsuit as well as your bronzed skin. As with the reminders that you keep in mind when it comes to picking your swimwear, choosing sandals with warm colors like yellow, orange and the like will strengthen your skin’s tanned impression.

Buy More Than One Pair: The secret in being able to blend well with the beach environment is having more than one pair of sandals having different colors. There will be moments when you will be dipping yourself in the resort pool close to the beach or would be walking on hot sands for one whole hot afternoon.

Self Tanning: While there is nothing wrong in going to the beach to get your body naturally tanned, another option that is convenient is to use self tanners. Wearing Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the Ultimate Mitt, makes tanning your own body easier. Not only does the product have a one year guarantee and is made out of high-quality fiber making it durable, but it also comes with a mini-mitt. You can even carry your self-tanners and Ultimitt through the use of a polybag which comes along with it as well. Since it is larger than its predecessors, it covers more area and helps saves more tanning solution.

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