Achieve Beautiful Skin with Jute Exfoliating Glove

banner3_jute_exfoliationportrait of beautiful brunet womenOur skin naturally frees dead skin cells so that it remains firmer and ideally clean. Because of that process, we need to help ourselves remove the dead skin cells off the outer layer of our skin. There are many ways for you to undergo exfoliation of the skin. The best way to enjoy this process depends on the method or the material you use. For best results and to have a more relaxing way to exfoliate we recommend the use of a jute glove whenever you take a bath. The jute glove is made from the jute plant, which is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into threads, making the finished product soft and smooth for the skin. The jute processed to a glove has a moderate texture with woven loops that provide good stimulation and exfoliation without irritating the skin. You can use it dry or use it in the shower by massaging your skin.

Steps to use the jute exfoliating glove

  • When you’re finished using the glove, wash your whole body to get rid of the soap as well as of the dead skin cells that the jute glove has scrubbed off your skin. You can also use the glove in rinsing your body.
  • Get your own jute glove online or from a nearby store that sells bath products. It’s very easy to find and it does not cost a lot of money. Be sure to feel and touch the product before buying it to check for any damaged fiber.
  • As it’s most relaxing to use it in the shower, when you are ready to exfoliate and try the gloves, massage your body with the jute gloves, with soap, in a circular motion upwards. Massaging in a circular motion upwards follows the bloodstream and it would help you relax while doing it.
  • After your bath/home exfoliation treatment, be sure to wash the jute glove and let it dry for future use. Keeping it wet may cause the fibers to soften too much which might decrease the scrubbing effect of the glove.

Following these steps will rid your skin of the dead cells around it. It will also keep your skin smooth and free from any scars or red marks from the exfoliation. The jute glove serves as your trusty assistant for your daily home spa. Doing this every day is highly recommended to keep your skin smooth and bright.

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