After Tanning Care Reminders

after tanning remindersA growing number of people are going for tanning sprays as an efficient alternative to get tanned especially during the cold holiday seasons. Not only are they are able to obtain that desirable bronze skin but at the same time, they need not spend a huge amount of money to book a hotel room or a resort house close to the beach just to expose their bodies under the UV rays of the sun to get tanned. The existence of tanning sprays also keeps people from having to make an effort to drive to the closest tanning salon and from spending cash for a service that they can do on their own. However, spray tanning does not simply end with properly applying it on your body. It is also paramount for your skin’s health that you follow the reminders noted below:

  • Give it Time: Wait for 4 to 8 hours after using a spray tan. It is important that you give the chemicals time for it to make your pigments gradually change into the bronze color you are looking for. And while waiting, refrain from using any moisturizers, from taking a bath or showers and from getting sweaty and swimming. Also refrain from wearing tight clothing because you do not want the tan to easily be removed by the water or for it to stick on your clothing which can cause the tan on your skin to become uneven.
  • Exfoliate and Moisturize: Before you start spray tanning, you should make sure that you exfoliate so that the layer of dead skin cells is removed and does not hinder the tanning process. Once you are done spray tanning and have waited 4 to 8 hours, and done taking your first shower, make sure that you moisturize your skin day and night to keep your skin from drying.
  • Do Not Exfoliate Excessively: A tan usually lasts for 7 days and during these days, refrain from exfoliating too much or getting yourself in a situation which can potentially harm your tan such as going for a hot bath, a swim in a chlorinated pool or using soaps that have strong chemical ingredients. Try using shower products that have ingredients that are gentle to your skin particularly ones that have moisturizing effects. Try not to take long showers.

A lot of people are excited to utilize various tannin products but tend to neglect after tanning reminders. It is important that you do not take these advises for granted because doing so will help prolong your tan when you are spray tanning. 0000);document[_