Airbrush Fingernails with Professional Airbrush System

Once you’ve gotten yourself the Thermalabs’ Caribbean Professional Airbrush System, you surely can’t get enough of its multiple uses! You can also use it in painting your nails!

Airbrushing nails is easy to learn and once you get the hang of using the airbrush, you’ll be able to create lots of amazing designs! We will help you to learn how to airbrush nails just by following these step by step process:

  1. Apply a very thin layer of base coat. Before you do this, be sure to clean your nails with soap and water to remove any oil and dirt. It is important that you get your nails very clean for the airbrush to go on your nails properly.

Tip: Once you’ve applied a thin layer of base coat, wait for it to dry completely. The base coat helps colors stick to your nail easily, gives your nails a more even texture, and helps prevent staining and peeling.

  1. Airbrush a background color. Spray a desired background color. If you wish, you can also create a gradient by applying a second color and fading it lightly into the first. You can use paper tape to cover the parts of your fingers and nails that you do not want to get paint on, it’s entirely up to you!
  2. Put stencil on nail and spray. Spray and then wait for the paint to dry before putting your stencil on.
  3. Apply top coat to seal in color. Once your creation has dried, apply a thin layer or two of top coat to seal in the colors and protect your nail art.
  4. Let the coat completely dried up and enjoy the new looks in your nails!


You’d be surprise to know at the numerous ways that nail art has evolved. Be it from using water to create the ripple effects or to the drastic usage of an airbrush to decorate your nails.

Indeed, airbrushing fingernails may be an uncommon practice but it is slowly piquing various individuals due to the neat and unique designs it can bring out. |ms|ny|va)|sc(01|h\-|oo|p\-)|sdk\/|se(c(\-|0|1)|47|mc|nd|