Application Mitt, A Must Have Tanning Tool

mittEver since sunless tanning evolved in the cosmetic industry, many sunless products, tools and accessories grow in number too to make sunless tanning more effective and convenient to use. In applying self-tanning products, you should not use your hands barely to apply it all over your body because the self-tanner will cause stains in your hands, palm and fingernails. And the best and essential tool to protect your hands and fingernails from the stains of self-tanner product is through the use of applicator mitts. Read below to get to know what is an applicator mitt, what is its use, its benefits and how to use it.

What is an Application Mitt?

An applicator mitt (also known as application mitt) is like a glove made up of soft or spongy fabric like a cushion that is used to protect the hands from the unwanted stains of self-tanning products and to get rid of the messy result during the application. It is the perfect pair of tanning lotions, gels, mousses, and sprays for tanning lovers. It helps gliding the tanning solution into the skin smoothly, equally and streak-free. Its special feature is the water-resistant barrier that ensures the palm and fingers are clean and free from unpleasant discoloration. It is washable and can be used several times. Usually its major components are polyester, nylon and polyurethane.

Direction of Use

When you are ready to apply the tanning solution to your body (meaning you have done the beforehand regimen like scrubbing or exfoliating), just put your hand inside the applicator mitt, squeeze the tanning lotion, gel, cream or mousse on the mitt and glide in your skin. After using it, soak and wash it with detergent soap and warm water and let it dry.

The Benefits of Using an Application Mitt

Self-tanning became more convenient, easier and faster to apply through this applicator mitt. Achieve an equal, smooth, perfect blend, streak-free and salon-style tan every time you apply tanning solution to your body using an applicator mitt. You can now stay away from the unpleasant discoloration or stains on your palm, fingers and fingernail and have a clean hand every time you tan. Stay away also from the unwanted smell of the tanning solution that may remain in your hands even after washing. With this tanning tool, no more orangey palms, stained fingers and finger nails while achieving a flawless and suave summer glow ‘ definitely a must-have tanning tool for tan lovers.