Asian skin care secrets

Have you ever wondered why Asian people always seem to look younger? Some say it’s due to genetics. Some say it just their skin.

Asian women, in general, have ancient habits for skincare that make them look young and fresh. Are you interested to know these habits?

Green tea; fresh leaves, not dried

Green tea is very common in Asia. It is said to have several benefits for skin health, including some antioxidants and other properties that accelerate metabolism. In Asia, tea-drinking ceremonies are practiced in religious events. The secret is preparing the tea with freshly cut leaves; not dried. So, if you want to stay beautiful and young, the best thing to do is put space on your agenda for tea. This will ensure that you drink at least a cup of tea a day.

Coffee beans

Better make coffee as your favorite exfoliant. You probably heard about many face peeling and scrubbing products. But have you heard that coffee beans can also be used as an exfoliant? Don’t believe us?

Then, we would like to share with you that for a very long time a lot of time the women from China and Indonesia, and other Asian countries, used coffee beans as an exfoliant.  You can make this a part of your beauty routine. The main benefit of using coffee beans for this purpose,  besides enjoying its aroma, is the great anti inflammatory properties that create a sort of boost in your collagen production. Caffeine is often used in anti-aging products.

Got milk? No.

We are pretty sure this will be a successful trick; stay away from milk. That is right. You heard; stay away from milk, even though it seems unbelievable. This is due to historical reasons; most people in eastern Asia are not fond of drinking milk or dairy products. Dairy products do not keep you young. So, if you want to look as young as an Asian, you should be willing to reduce the amount of milk you drink or the cheese that you normally eat. If you think this is just too hard, we’re pretty sure that when you notice you’re also taking less milk  fat. You’ll ignore the dairy aisle on your next visit to the grocery.


It is a known fact that animal manure is used in agriculture. But this is also good for your skin. This sounds disgusting, but women in China are not kidding when they want to look young and beautiful. They are not disgusted to use animal waste as a beauty skin treatment. That being said, this has an excellent antidote against skin hardening.

Many Asian women exfoliate their faces with Nightingale droppings. Nightingales are are common in the whole world. Japanese Geishas used to use this technique; applying an excrement amount to their faces. If you want skin that’s always soft and brilliant, don’t be afraid to try something a bit disgusting.

Pomegranate seeds

You can create an exfoliating mask out of crushed pomegranate seeds. Just massage the product into your skin; don’t rub. You can exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. You can try Thermalabs’ Pomegranate Shea Butter. This will save you the hassle of crushing those seeds.