Be Beautiful and Efficient

Efficiency for beauty; getting all your money’s worth. We all want the most for what we spent. Many spent a lot on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. But what is the essence of our beauty? The accessories we add to our body? No. Our own body is the essence of our beauty.

Many notice the eyes first. Some look at the nose at first glance. A few get intrigued by the movement of the lips. But only the skin is prized. Only the skin was and is used as a measure of social status. Before the industrial revolution, a pale white skin belongs to the upper class; free from sun bearing labor. In the recent decades, tanned skin shows financial prosperity; can afford a vacation to tropical beaches.

Having sexy tanned skin is appealing and head-turning. For that reason, many invest in tanning lotions, tanning beds and trips to the beach. Tanning beds are very costly and trips to the beach require a lot planning. Thermalabs is the best tanning lotion in the market, and deserves an ultimate tanning lotion applicator; Thermalabs’ Ultimitt.

The usual problems with tanning applicator are that they break or stretch, don’t last long, does not fit your hand, sometimes too large and cannot reach small areas, stains the palm, and hard to clean.

With Thermalabs Ultimitt you can apply the tanning lotion evenly, smoothly, and without waste. The super-soft velour fabric repels the lotion, so it will stick on your skin, not on the mitt. Well stitched, Thermalabs Ultimitt is very durable and has a one-year guarantee. If it breaks or cracks we’ll have it replaced.

Another problem this genius creation has solved is palm stain. It has an insulating layer so the tanning lotion does not get to your hands. We want a pale palm and golden bronze tone on the back side of the hand.

We mentioned earlier that the tanning lotions stick on the mitts. Would that be a cleaning problem? No. Just throw it into the washing machine for a quick clean. You can also wash it with your hand using soap and water, wring and dry. Best to have it cleaned after every application.

They say bigger is better. Well, it depends. If you are applying the tanning lotion over a large area, you will need a bigger mitt to apply the lotion faster and even. A smaller-sized mitt would mean more squeezing and more strokes. Thermalabs Ultimitt also has a face mitt. With just the right size for your face, you can be sure of an even application. For hard to reach area, Thermalabs Ultimitt has a finger mitt.

The Ultimitt has its own waterproof zip lock carry bag and a hanging suction hook for the shower. This is ideal for frequent travelers.

For that golden glow tan that everyone will envy, use only Thermalabs Ultimitt on your  Thermalabs tanning lotion. Get Thermalabs tanning lotion by clicking here and Thermalabs Ultimitt here.

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