Beach Activities to Lose Weight

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, it’s not going to be surprising to find yourself in the beach, once or even twice. Nonetheless, no matter what reason you get yourself by the shore, you might want to try these activities that are not only fun but also guarantee to help shed some numbers on the scale:

  • Beach volleyball. The name itself is quite self explanatory but the main difference is that beach volleyball is only played by two people and you have to play it in a sandy area. You’ll need a dedicated space and net for this sport. In most cases, you can prop a net in an open area. Just be careful of people nearby, you wouldn’t want to cause a scene while you’re trying to have fun.


  • Frisbee has become a renowned sport as the years have gone by. While not everyone can appreciate having a Frisbee thrown at them or landing in the most awkward of places, trying to catch one is an exercise in itself.


  • Swimming or even snorkeling. Swimming has been known to help you out on losing weight without stressing your body too much. If you’ve got a wonderful view underwater, grab your gear and do some snorkeling. Swimming and snorkeling do a full body workout plus with the water’s resistance you’re sure to shed some calories while enjoying the sea life thriving beneath the waves.


  • While surfing might sound alike to swimming, it really isn’t. You’ll need a surfing board and some waves to ride out. Surfing is more strenuous than swimming and needs experience to really enjoy. If you’re up for an experience, why not try out a crash course surfing lesson that the locals might offer? There’s a different view when you’re on top of a wave after all.


  • Running along the sand. While it’s pretty lackluster kind of activity, running along the shore actually does a good number to your body. Stepping on sand might take some time to get used to but it’s actually better than flat ground. Since sand soaks up some of the force, it doesn’t put a lot of stress on your joints. Additionally, the view that the beach offers is a change from the greenery of the park or the dull thuds of a treadmill.


Now, trying to lose weight is also factored with what you consume. Try to avoid junk food and make use of protein to keep you full. Don’t eat more than what you can burn and you’re sure to have an awesome beach body. That or you’re going to have a lot of activities in store once you’re by the beach. avigator[_