Tanning can be considered an art. With the intricacies on trying to even out your skin tone with the aid of sunlight or through applying self tanners, certain areas can be hard to dab on. At times, you may want to have a friend over to help you on with making your back bronze or have to flip over and over to in a tanning bed to get the right color.

Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe
Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe

Though sunbathing and tanning beds are effective in giving you a tan, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a lot of harm as opposed to just earning sunburn. With this information at hand, it's no surprise that self-tanners have taken the tanning community by a storm. While applying self tanners can be tricky, if you're doing the session alone, things can get quite tricky.

There's only so much area you can cover by yourself, your back misses out on the attention that you provide to your arms and legs. Not to worry as the Back Applicator Deluxe was crafted for this very concern.

Say goodbye to the complex ways of applying self tanner to your back since you now have the Back Applicator Deluxe. This item can aid you on applying any tanning agent with ease. If you're a little curious what the benefits of this little item can provide, here they are:

Surely the Back Applicator Deluxe has made a great impact to help you get one. With the aid of this nifty gem, you'd surely save a lot of time on applying and cleaning up when you use a self tanner.

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