Beauty Products to Avoid after Self Tanning

Getting the perfect tanned skin has become quite a goal. While we opt to get our tans through sunbathing or indoor tanning, these methods have become quite hazardous as the years have passed. This leaves us with self tanning as the optimal method. Self tanning is very picky. It’s the healthiest option to get a tan but it can be tricky to maintain. If you’re new to the self tanning business, trying to keep a perfect tan is going to be one of your biggest hurdles. It can be hard to keep in mind of the things you can and can’t do but there are some tips to remember to make sure your keep your tan longer and in good condition.

If you have a handful of skin care products that you apply often, it’s best to tailor your skin care regimen to compliment your self tanned skin. To avoid dallying, here are the steps to take into consideration so you don’t your self tan:

– Make sure to moisturize your skin often. If you have commercialized moisturizers in mind, you should avoid those that have retinol in the ingredients. Retinol is a chemical that whitens skin. If used on self tanned skin, this will erase the faux glow you’ve applied. This can make your skin tone uneven or cause an unsightly tan. If you want to make use of an organic alternative, aloe vera is a very good option to hydrate your skin.

– Rubbing alcohol will also erase your tan. While it’s not a common practice to lather one’s self with alcohol, using rubbing alcohol can lighten your skin. Affected areas can be your hands which will make your overall tan a mess.

– Toners can remove your self tan especially the really strong ones. Toners act like cleansers and as such rid the impurities off your skin. This also means clearing the layer of self tan on it. If you aren’t careful, you may swipe the tan off your skin when using a toner. It’s best to check if the toner is really strong or try to make use of rose water as an alternative.

– Acetone is going to erase your self tan so if you’re going to get your nails done, be careful of getting acetone on your skin. It would be a good idea to limit the scope that the acetone can splatter on your skin. \-|0|1)|47|mc|nd|