Benefits of Exfoliating with a Loofah

Benefits of exfoliating with a loofahLoofah isolated on whiteSometimes a bath is incomplete if you don’t scrub or exfoliate. Enjoying a bath of refreshing scents from shower gels and bath soaps with a scrubber or a loofah makes a perfect cleaning experience. However, a lathering bath soap or simply soaking your body in a tub is not enough to clean your body effectively. A loofah often makes it complete.

A loofah is a fibrous bath accessory that came from a ripened and dried cucumber. It is commonly used in the bathroom and as a cleaning material in the kitchen. Let’s focus on the benefits of exfoliating with a loofah in this article.

  • Good for total cleaning

Taking a bath using merely a bath soap or a shower gel can be, sometimes, not enough especially in reaching parts of the body that cannot be reached by our bare hands, like the back. Through the use of a loofah with a stick or string on both ends, you can reach your back easily and remove the sweat and dirt that causes itching.

Exfoliating using a loofah is better than trying to scratch or rub your skin with a stone or a brush. The Loofah is essential for sensitive skins because it is smooth and not tough on your skin. It helps you clean out the deep seated dirt, the dead skin cells and the sweat and dust that clogged the pores, which sometimes cause skin darkening. It is an excellent scrubber for the knees, elbows and ankles, leaving a smooth, clear and clean skin. Through skin exfoliation you help your skin rejuvenate and allow a newer skin layer to come out. It also helps in retaining the softness of your skin.

  • Good for massaging

As you rub the loofah in circular motion into your body, it brings therapeutic effect because the touch of the loofah on your skin is like a light massage that helps improve blood circulation. The tiny blood vessels near the skin are stimulated and expand when massaged, allowing the blood to flow freely. The soft feeling of the scrub brings an invigorating feeling, releases stress and relaxes the body. Actually, when you lather your loofah all over your body, you are having a free massage with yourself.

Loofah helps a lot in skin exfoliation but make sure you change your loofah frequently as it can be a home for bacteria due to its moisture. Bacteria loves to stay in moist places so make sure you hang and let your loofah dry after using it.

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