Benefits of Self Tanners to Problematic Skin

Having problematic skin can be a trying experience. To some, sensitive skin can make their choices of skin care products can be quite limited. Acne and oily skin also fall into this group. No one wants to deal with problematic skin. If you enjoy tanned skin, it’s going to take a lot of effort to sort out your skin before you can really enjoy tanned skin.
Normally, one would tan through sunbathing and indoor tanning. These methods are the norm due to how efficient and straightforward they are to provide you with tanned skin. However, these methods have become quite hazardous to individuals. Consistent exposure to UV radiation, which sunbathing and indoor tanning make use of, can speed up the chances of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer has become quite common; affecting 1 in 4 adults especially common on tanning addicts. Thus to curb the chances of getting skin cancer, individuals have shifted to self tanners.
Self tanners are an applied form of tanning. Unlike sunbathing and indoor tanning, this method doesn’t make use of UV radiation so you’re not putting yourself at risk for further harm. However, much like any topical application, these tanning lotions are quite dependent on your skin. If your skin isn’t in the best condition, self tanning may aggravate it or cause reactions that you don’t want to happen.
If you have acne, self tanning is a better approach to getting a tan. Though, it would be best to have your acne subside before you apply it to your skin. It’s also a good idea to test it out or your skin might get inflamed if you aren’t careful. If you want to hide acne, you can apply some self tanner to hide scars or small inflammations. It’s not a good idea to get some sunbathing or indoor tanning since UV radiation can aggravate your acne and cause it to flare up.
This is also another point to consider when you have oily skin. Your pores tend to widen when it’s hot thus getting a lot of chances for the oil to build up. Dirt can easily get into your pores which in turn become inflammation. Try to use a blotting paper before applying some self tanner to avoid getting a smudgy tan.
If you have uneven skin tone, make up can only do so much for you. It is temporary and can be easily tampered if you aren’t careful. Self tanner is an ideal choice to sort this concern out thus you can make use of self-tanners to provide an even skin tone. Much like makeup, you can enjoy contouring your tan to make it look better.