Benefits of Tanning Oil

There are countless products being sold in the market these days that appeal to those who often go to tanning salons or beaches so they can get a good tan. And one of the better products that compliment the lifestyle of these individuals would be tanning oils. Applying tanning oil on your body does not end with giving you that tanned look that will make you look more appealing. Tanning oils offer a lot of benefits to those who apply them.

  • Tanning oilMoisturizes Skin: There are no stopping individuals from getting tanned even if it is during the winter season. However, it is important that skin is constantly moisturized during the winter season because the weather tends to dry the skin. Applying tanning oil on the skin helps rejuvenate it by keeping it moisturized and youthful looking. Tanning oils create a protective layer that moisturizes the skin and also contributes to its health. When looking for good-quality tanning oil, it is important that you look for a product that contains sodium PCA, glycerine, sodium isethionate or panthenol. A product having these ingredients means that the product has moisturizing ingredients and is good for your skin.
  • Speeds up Process: Tanning oils do not contain any form of UV protection and instead, contain ingredients that speed up the process of tanning the skin such as melanin which is the natural compound that produces skin color. On the other hand, there are tanning oils that contain ingredients that causes the recipient to experience a tingling or burning sensation after they apply the said tanning oil product.
  • Protects Skin:Because tanning oils usually contain natural ingredients, applying these products helps protect the skin from easily drying especially during the winter season provided that the tanning oil is used on a regular basis. Tanning oils contain ingredients that serve as essential nutrients for the skin. Tanning oils containing hemp or coconut oil, natural botanical extracts riboflavin or L-tyrosine, all of which benefits the skin in the long run. Tanning oils also contain Vitamin E which is often found in tanning oils as part of their

Having tanning oils and other self tanner products is great these days since they can be used at anytime, anywhere. This means that you no longer need to visit a tanning spa or the beach to get your skin tanned. At the same time, you no longer need to worry about your skin getting dry even if it is during the winter season.


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  1. Please explain how to shower, exfoliate and tan……..then next day, do you exfoliate again in shower? The day after and so on……….
    It seems odd to exfoliate when you applied tanner the day before……… I have always looked for this explanation and never found it. Please comment. Thank you very much