Benefits of Using Sisal Bath Glove for Exfoliation

Portrait of beautiful woman relaxing in a spa bath with foam. SpEvery once in a while our skin accumulates dead skin cells in the outermost part of our skin. To remove those dead skin cells from our body, we can undergo the process of exfoliation that deals with this kind of duty. Exfoliation can be done in many ways, some you need to pay money for the services like facials and microdermabrasion or chemical peels done at medical spas, or you can simply do it at the comfort of your home while taking a bath and do it yourself.

In order to exfoliate while taking baths, you need something like a tool to do it because your hands and soap can’t do it alone. The best thing for this job is a sisal bath glove. The sisal bath glove is made from the fibers found in the plant. Because of this firm fiber, it will not harm your skin by leaving marks or irritation. The fibers will definitely massage your skin while exfoliating and it will still leave your skin soft and glowing. Also, it is designed as a glove, to put your hand in it, making you feel like you’re having a regular bath, and washing your body with soap.

The sisal bath glove can be used dry, for some cases, and it still will not harm your skin. But for best results, use it while taking a shower for a gentler exfoliation. You just have to place soap on your glove and start scrubbing your hands all throughout your body. Be sure to scrub the rough parts of the body like the feet and the knees and be careful when you use it on the face. You can perform this exfoliation technique once a week or even every day if you want to. Just be sure how to handle the sisal bath glove by yourself for the best results of exfoliating your body.

These sisal gloves can be found in the stores’ bath section or can be ordered online. There are also many types of this sisal product. You can choose the sisal brush, sisal brush with handles, sisal gloves, it is up to you what type of sisal product you purchase. You can also find this product in salons which offer massaging treatments using sisal brushes or gloves. Their treatment also help in exfoliating the areas that are hard to be reached alone and at the same time you can relax, letting the therapist do the work. Still, remember, nothing beats a free exfoliation of the body in your daily baths and of course with the use of a sisal bath glove for the best exfoliation experience!

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