Best Clothes To Wear After Self Tanning

One of the best things in life is showcasing your well-earned tan. Who can say no to the wonderful effects of bronze on your skin? Not only are you treated to a wonderful contouring this skin tone gives but you’ve earned the right to show the brown color of your skin.

beautiful girl with long dark hair wears elegant dress and accesThere’s a wide range of methods to earning your tan be it from a tanning bed, using self-tanners or the most common way, sunbathing. It’s not surprising to earn some tan lines if you’re sunbathing from a beach but you can avoid these marks if you’re using a self-tanner.

And with tanning, it’s a little embarrassing to have tan lines poking out from your clothes. Although they’re not a controversy, it can be a little frustrating to sort out those paler lines on your skin. A good way to provide better coverage would be donning in a select choice of clothing.

A good choice of clothing would be sleeveless cotton blouse or slightly loose clothing. This gives way for your skin to breathe after a long session of tanning. Additionally, looser clothing abates the chances of your skin sweating which might wash off the application of a self-tan. The coverage of a cotton blouse can hide the tan lines of your bikini.

Shorts can help but if you’re the type to wear shorts then you might want to switch to capris. This ensures that your bottom tan lines aren’t peeking from your clothing and you’d also be in a more comfortable set of bottoms.

Constricting clothing will end up smudging your self tan thus you may want to opt out on wearing some socks, jeans and the like. An important tip to remember is never to wear light clothing after a self tan. This makes sure that in case the tan isn’t fully absorbed to your skin, you won’t be ruining any outfits on the process.

If you’re a little unsure on the undergarments, you may want to choose those from the back of the pile so you won’t be ruining your favorites. You don’t need to subject yourself to this treatment everyday as self-tanners are fully absorbed after eight hours and are much preferred to be applied once a week.

With these tips, it’s still good to take note that you should wear clothes that make you comfortable but a little more on the loose side to avoid aggravating your skin or smudging the self-tan. Whichever method you choose to earn a tan, being able to enjoy the bronze color of your skin should be the utmost priority when choosing your clothes. [_