Best Clothing Colors To Enhance Your Tan

Knowing how to achieve the best tanning results does not end with knowing which products to purchase and doing the right before tanning procedure. This holds true especially if you are planning to attend an event and you want your beautiful tanned skin to be noticed. There are ways where you can further emphasize your beautiful bronzed skin and knowing which color of clothing you should wear is a good start.

Beautiful young blonde woman in red dress with camomile flowersBright Colors: Wearing a bright pink especially during the summer season is a great way to strengthen the visual impact of your tanned skin, especially if you have fair complexion by default. Bright yellow colors also contribute in getting that lively gorgeous glow on your skin. An intense jewel like glow like forest green also helps contribute to a brighter and healthier glow.

Shades/Tones: These colors work best especially if you have a beige complexion. Plum color can help boost the pigmentation of people’s tanned skin. Having the flattering shade of pink also helps highlight the tanned complexion of a person.

Light Colors: If your skin is already tanned to begin with, then wearing clothing with a pastel blue shade can help it. The main idea here is that light colors are the best way to accentuate a person’s naturally tanned skin.

These are some of the best colors to consider when choosing clothing to wear for an upcoming event. You can never go wrong with these colors and will surely your tan’s appeal. In addition to wearing clothing having these colors, using a tanning mitt like Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt, can get you the best self-tanning result. Due to the Ultimitt being designed larger as compared to the conventional tanning mitt, it prevents streaks since it covers a bigger area of the skin. And speaking of covering areas of the skin, Thermalabs’ Ultimitt also comes with a mini mitt that you can put on your finger in case you need to tan the area surrounding your eyes and you do not want to risk your eyes getting tanning solution on it. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt also includes a poly bag where you can keep the ultimate mitt safe and avoid your other belongings from getting stained.

But perhaps the best thing that this superb tanning mitt has to offer is the fact that unlike most self tanning mitts in the market, Thermalabs offers a 1 year guarantee when it comes to the Ultimitt. In addition, the tanning mitt is made out of high-quality fiber to begin with adding to its durability which will keep you from having to replace it soon. Looking fabulous does not simply end in using self-tanners and or tanning mitts but it is a combination of different factors.

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