Applying self-tanners can sometimes be messy especially when you accidentally spill it on your bed sheet or most loved clothes. So you’d better be extra careful with applying your self-tanner especially when you are new to it. But sometimes being too careful slows down your application process and consumes a larger portion of your time. It is better and faster if you do it carefree, without worrying about how to remove a stain on your tiles, carpet, bed sheet, or clothes. Here are some ideas that may help you decide where to apply self-tanner without creating a mess. Feel free to choose from the following suggestions the most comfortable place for you to use.

One of the best locations to apply self-tanner in is the bathroom. You can easily wash and remove stains because bathrooms’ floors are generally wet. When the place is wet, the stain will not easily stick to it and so the cleaning is easier because you don’t need to scrub hard to remove it. Just a simple wash with water or detergent and the stain is gone. Another good thing is that when you apply self-tanner in the bathroom you have the privacy to apply near your private parts. First, you can sit while applying on your legs and feet, then stand facing the mirror when applying on your chest, shoulders, face, and back. For the back, you would need to use a back applicator.

You can also do the application in your room if you prefer, but just be sure to cover with rags the floor where you do it. This way, you can protect your floor or carpet from unavoidable spills. If you need assistance in applying self-tanner to your back and you ask a friend to do it for you, you have to start with the back so you can lie on your stomach on the bed. After applying to your back you can stand to continue applying to the other parts of your body.

You can apply self-tanner anywhere when you feel the need to retouch or apply on the fading tan, on your arms or legs, provided you have everything you need to cover yourself and the things around you from stains.