Summer is the best time to get a tan. With how much sun there is to make up and the freedom from school or a little leeway from work, it’s the time to get the much coveted bronze tone. While that can be quite the tempting idea, it’s actually not the healthiest. The temperatures for summer have steadily rose through the years that it can be quite deadly to stay under it for long times. Another thing to consider is the rise of skin cancer which has made a mark as the top four most common cancers across the globe. It’s caused numerous fatalities due to melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer. With that in mind, switching to self tanners may be a great idea.

Self tanning, which is a method of tanning that doesn’t rely on the sun or UV radiation, is a much healthier approach to tanning. While it can be tricky compared to the conventional means of tanning, it does a lot of good especially avoiding sunburn or the early onset of wrinkles in the long run. While self tanning can be very beneficial to you, one of the biggest hurdles is how to take care of it. Summer is harsh on your skin and if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up ruining a great self tan.

In order to avoid a bad summer experience due to a bad self tan, you can follow these tips to take better care of your self tanned skin:

– Avoid the pool if you can. Bleach can easily whiten your self tanned skin. This chemical is quite strong which is why at times you’ll notice swimmers have a lighter skin tone after soaking in the pool for quite some time. If you’re going to a vacation, try to opt for the beach and avoid the pool when you can.

– Moisturizing is key. When trying to take better care of your skin, keeping it hydrated is a vital step. However, you’ve got to be careful with the moisturizers that you are purchasing. If you’re not looking at the labels, retinol can ruin your self tanned skin. This chemical burns through your tan so you’ll end up with lighter patches of skin. Try to sift through your items and check for any skin care products that have retinol to avoid a bad self tanning experience. Or you can use natural moisturizers such as aloe vera.