As we set forth for the new years, there are just some items to look into before the year ends. Tanning has become quite a beauty aid to a number of individuals. Unfortunately, the rise of sunbathing and indoor tanning has also caused quite a scare. It's been found that consistent exposure to the sun's UV rays has brought a significant rise in skin cancer in the community. In fact, melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has brought skin cancer as the top four cancers found across the globe. With that information, shifting to self-tanners has become quite a healthier option.

Self-tanners do not make use of UV rays thus they are a much better option for tanning. However, if you'd like to bring more value to your self-tanning experience, you can try out Thermalabs; this company is dedicated to providing self-tanners that have been crafted with organic ingredients. If you'd like to check out the top products under this self-tanning flagship, here are some of the best selling items to look into: