Best-selling Thermalabs Products to Keep This 2021

As we set forth for the new years, there are just some items to look into before the year ends. Tanning has become quite a beauty aid to a number of individuals. Unfortunately, the rise of sunbathing and indoor tanning has also caused quite a scare. It’s been found that consistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays has brought a significant rise in skin cancer in the community. In fact, melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has brought skin cancer as the top four cancers found across the globe. With that information, shifting to self-tanners has become quite a healthier option.

Self-tanners do not make use of UV rays thus they are a much better option for tanning. However, if you’d like to bring more value to your self-tanning experience, you can try out Thermalabs; this company is dedicated to providing self-tanners that have been crafted with organic ingredients. If you’d like to check out the top products under this self-tanning flagship, here are some of the best selling items to look into:

  • Luxury applicator mitt set. This is a set of items from Thermalabs namely a set of luxury tanning mitts that are sure to provide a smooth finish. There is one large tanning mitt for application on large areas while two smaller ones, with much coarser fabric, is provided for a more targeted approach when self-tanning. Included in the set is a natural exfoliator that does not damage your skin as commercial exfoliators do.
  • Another very sought after product on the list is the Thermalabs Organic Self Tanner Lotion XL 8.5 oz. This self-tanner has been created with the use of organic ingredients and devoid of chemicals that can harm one’s skin. This is a limited size as Thermalabs self-tanners are sold only as S, M, L but with the XL version, you’re going to have a little more self-tanning to do in the future. This item is bought in injunction with the luxury applicator mitt set. Since you’ll need some tanning mitts to help apply the self-tanner to one’s skin, the two items provided are a great match to any self-tanning session.
  • If you’re on the go most of the time and can’t commit to setting aside some time to conduct a self-tanning session, you can make use of the Thermalabs Self-Tan Towelettes. These towelettes can provide an even tan and dry easily thus you can avoid making a mess if you want to do a little touch-up or a quick tan.