Best Things about Self-Tanning Towelettes

With how much detrimental it is to stay under the sun too long, it’s no surprise many individuals have begun to shift their methods of tanning elsewhere. Usually, individuals make the most out of the warmer days to bask about under the sun or to drive to their favorite tanning salon for the much needed tanning. Unfortunately, it’s been known that continuous exposure to UV rays will spell a lot of harm.

Sunburn may be one of the issues that you’ll get from them however; consistent exposure to UV rays can inhibit the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, melanoma has been on a steady rise; it’s quite alarming as it is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. With these dangers in mind, it’s not surprising that many individuals have turned to self tanning for an alternative means to tanning.

Self tanning is a tanning method where in tan is applied to your skin with the aid of chemicals or a pigmentation agent. It works like a lotion but there are also some methods that self tanner is done. One particular example is through towelettes.

Many of the self tanners sold in the market are in the form of a liquid or on some terms are called tanning lotion. Tanning lotions can get messy and will need a tanning mitt to be applied on your body. No one wants to have orange hands from handling tanning lotions. It can be costly if you rely on the usual self tanners since you’ll need to replace various paraphernalia to do the job. Towelettes on the other hand require no more than itself. If you’d like to step up the game on using towelettes, why not make use of our Thermalabs towelettes. Each Thermalabs product is crafted with the usage of organic materials thus you’re not only avoiding any synthetic chemicals but also help buff up your skin.

Before you apply any self tanner, it’s always ideal to prime your body beforehand. This means you’ve already done exfoliating your skin as well as waxing your body. These steps are important to make sure that your skin is the perfect palette to putting a tan. After that, make sure to moisturize; dry skin is also a bad start for tanning.

Easily pick one of the towelettes and apply to your skin. Try to be careful on certain areas such as your knees and elbows as they tend to soak more of the color due to the skin being crinkled. You’ll also need to wash your hands as soon as possible to avoid getting orange palms. i(rg