Best Time to Apply Self Tanners

Self-tanners can be tricky to work with. If you aren’t familiar with self-tanners, this is the topical approach to getting a tan.  Unlike the usual method of tanning, sunbathing and indoor tanning are pretty straightforward. These methods don’t require much since you just need to lie down and let the rays do their work. Unfortunately, absorbing a lot of UV radiation is going to expedite the chances of getting skin cancer. It’s been known that consistently exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays will cause a lot of harm. If you usually get your tanning done through these methods then you’ll have your share of sunburn and premature aging.

If you want to avoid getting the common issues of tanning and knowing how dangerous absorbing a lot of ultraviolet rays is to your body. It’s also due to tanning that has raised the stakes of how common skin cancer is worldwide. Thus, if you want to avoid getting more harm done, a self-tanner is your best option.

Knowing that, when is the right time t get your self-tanning done. Self-tanning can take some time to get done and done right. If you want to able to appreciate a good self-tanning session.  You’ll want to make use of the weekend. Weekends provide a great amount of time in your hands. You need at least a good eight hours to appreciate a good self-tanning session.

The best time to self-tan would be in the evening. This time of the day fewer chances of getting fewer changes in the temperature. Though if you do self-tanning too late, it can be very chilly. Another concern though would be the chances of getting an uneven tan due to the artificial light to work with. If you worry about that, it would be a great idea to do your self-tanning during the late afternoon.

Avoid tanning when it’s too hot or you don’t have any air conditioning because sweating will make your self-tanning experience very bad. Streaking can be easily caused by hot weather and is not very easy to remove.

If you can’t commit an entire weekend to some self-tanning, you can still squeeze in some self-tanning time a night during the weekdays. An important tip would be to make sure that you let it dry before going to bed since you don’t want to take the chance of staining your bedsheets.