Best Winter Clothing after Self Tanning

Self-tanning is the healthiest method to get one’s tan. For the wintry months, indoor tanning is a common option to get your tanning fix. However, the widespread news of how indoor tanning can cause you to harm has certainly created an impact on how you tan. If you’re not familiar, it’s been proven that indoor tanning can provoke skin cancer. In fact, indoor tanning is more potent than sunbathing which means you’re receiving a lot more damage than simply basking under the sun.

Self-tanning can be difficult as can take a lot of time before it truly dries out. If you’ve just done your self-tanning session, you’ll want to be careful of the clothes you wear. Before donning anything, it’s a good idea to let the self-tanner dry out for at least thirty minutes. If you’re going to head out soon you’ll want to do these kinds of clothing:

  • Make use of loose dark clothing. While loose isn’t a common adjective for winter clothing, try wearing a size bigger than your usual clothes. Loose clothes mean lesser chances of the fabric touching your skin. Fibers can easily ruin your tan so try to don some looser clothing while you can. If you’re not going out soon, it’s best to let your tan sit overnight so it’ll adhere to your skin easily.
  • Heading out after self-tanning? Make good use of dark tones. Dark colors can hide any instances of staining. Despite waiting for your self-tanner to dry, it’s not completely set unless you’ve committed to at least six hours of it on your skin. Dark tones also help bring out your tone especially if it’s a warm shade of tan.
  • Wear something you won’t miss wearing. While it was mentioned above that the top two considerations on what to wear during winter should be loose and something dark; this shouldn’t constrict you on your clothing choice. If you have a certain shirt or pair of pants you won’t mind losing, you can still don them on. Lighter colors can get stained but if you won’t miss it, go ahead.

Despite the tips, it’s still important to remember that stained clothing means a still wet patch of self-tanner. Stained clothing is also a sign that your tan needs a bit of retouching or else you’ll end up with an ugly patch of streaked tan.