Birthday Gift Ideas for Outdoor Buddies

Having friends who are loving their time outdoors can be quite an adventure. At times, they might forget that soaking too much of the sun’s rays can be harmful especially if they’re into sunbathing. Sunbathing has been known to help hike up the chances of individuals getting skin cancer. In fact, due to that, it’s the 4th most common cancer found in the world.

One of the ways for your friend to still enjoying a tan would be making use of self tanners. While that’s a little complex compared to the usual lying and basking a lot of UV rays, self tanners are a much healthier approach to getting a tan. No one wants their friends to possibly get skin cancer from their consistent exposure to the harsh UV rays.

Now that your friend’s tanning dilemma has been fixed, the next big step is keeping it as good as long as possible. There are numerous ways on trying to prolong one’s tan but if they enjoy mingling about under the sun, that can be another story to consider. One item that can aid this case would be the Thermalabs beach tent.

Ideally this tent is meant to be used for beach trip scenarios but it’s not limited to that. The Thermalabs beach tent has a lot of great features that makes it the best asset to a very outgoing person.

Firstly, it has UV protection which most tents don’t provide while giving the tent great ventilation zips. It’s easily set up so if you’d like an afternoon siesta in the yard, using the Thermalabs beach tent is a good idea.

If you are planning to take it with you for a beach trip, it’s easily portable using its own carrying bag. This particular bag also keeps it from popping up during storage thus you save a lot of space and have no need to bring an umbrella for the trip. In fact, due to how easy you can clean it, even blankets or picnic mats aren’t needed for your beach outing.

It gives you enough privacy thus you can laze about or retouch on your sunscreen or self tanner while you’re inside the tent. This also makes sure that no one snoops around to pilfer through your things if you secure the zips to suit your needs.

A tent is usually meant for sleeping or lounging about but with the Thermalabs beach tent, you wouldn’t go wrong with this being a chosen gift for your outdoor-loving friend. k)|tcl