Here’s how to get up to 40% off Thermalabs products:

Super excited about our once-a-year super sale!

We have added up 20% OFF clip-in-coupons for ALL our products on Amazon.

by buying 2 or more Thermalabs products!
(yes, up to 40% off!)
Use code BLACKTRML20

Yes, you can get AN ADDITIONAL 20% off on top of the current 20% discount by buying 2 or more Thermalabs products in the same order.


  1. Add at least 2 qualifying Thermalabs products from this product collection
  2. Don’t forget to tick the clipping coupons on each product
  3. During checkout, add the code BLACKTRML20 to get AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


Do I have to click the Clipping Coupon on Amazon to get the discount?
Yes. The clipping coupon checkbox is unchecked. You’ll need to check it and proceed to checkout. The discount will be shown during checkout.

Do I have to enter the code BLACKTRML20 for an additional 20% off?
Yes, once you get to the Amazon checkout page, make sure to paste the code BLACKTRML20 in the ‘Discounts and Coupons’ text input and confirm it. Wait to see the confirmation and verify there’s an additional 20% discount on your total cart.

Can I buy only 1 product and still enjoy both discounts?
No. You must add at least 2 Thermalabs products in one order in order to enjoy both the Clipping-Coupon of 20% and the additional 20% discount provided with the promo-code BLACKTRML20.

The code isn’t working. Why?
Make sure you added at least 2 Thermalabs products into your cart. Sometimes, you might think you added a Thermalabs product but turns out you added a different brand. To make it easier, remember all Thermalabs products are marketed through “Market Group” on Amazon so double check to see the products in your cart are distributed by Market Group.

Can I get the discounts on the main website?
No. The special offers are currently only available on Amazon and can be accessed by surfing to the wishlist:

I can’t see the clipping coupon on Amazon
Don’t give up! Amazon is sometimes hiding our clipping coupons behind the ‘SEE BUYING OPTIONS’ button. For some reason, Amazon isn’t always showing the clipping coupon to every shopper. Some shoppers must go to one of our products pages, then click the ‘See All Buying Options’ to reveal the hidden clipping coupon:


Clip the coupon for instant savings
and add 2 or more products to enjoy an additional
20% off when using promo-code BLACKTRML20

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