Bleaching vs Tanning: Things to Know

One’s skin tone can determine a lot of what they want. At times, an individual can be unhappy with their current color and want to change it. There are two ways of changing one’s skin tone, tanning and bleaching.

Bleaching is the method of lightening one’s skin tone. There are various methods for bleaching but it stems down on making your skin tone fairer. Tanning is the method of making your skin tone darker, most usually into a bronze hue. This is common for fair-skinned individuals.

Bleaching is a trend that has started in the early days of Britain. Fair-skin connoted the luxury and status of being a noble and is akin to blue blood wherein pale-skinned individuals are prized amongst others. Being a pale individual highlighted one’s status of avoiding labor or work. Because of this appeal, many individuals lathered themselves in various lightening techniques such as powder. This trend continues on today especially to individuals who have dark skin tone.

Tanning is a trend that was brought about due to the luxury of having a tan via holidays or time off. In the earlier days, being inside the house meant being an aristocrat but with the change the industrial revolution has brought, fair-skinned individuals who have a tan connote their luxurious lifestyle. Eventually, tanning was sensationalized by media and has become quite an appealing approach to looking better.

Bleaching and tanning are two different methods of improving your look. Bleaching is commonly done by those with dark skin tones while tanning is done by those with fair skin. Bleaching aids in evening out one’s skin tone by lightening it just as tanning does with covering up the lighter hue. Tanning can be a good coverage compared to bleaching. Most cases, tanning can aid in contouring how you look since you can shape your tan compared to bleaching. However, the two methods are tricky to achieve the perfect skin tone.

There are three known methods to tanning which would be sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning. There are newer methods of tanning but these have little to no research yet which is why the recent methods haven’t gained traction yet. Unfortunately, consistently exposing one’s self to sunbathing and indoor tanning has raised the chances of skin cancer. Thus self tanning has become quite a preferred method.

Bleaching doesn’t have its share of cons as it can make your skin quite sensitive. Most bleaching is done by ingesting a drug named Glutathione but you can also opt for topical approach to bleaching.