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Winter Wedding Day Spray Tan Tips

Tanning can be quite an odd thing to do especially with the days getting colder and colder. It’s quite odd to see someone sporting a tan during winter. Normally, tanned skin can be achieved through sunbathing, a very cheap approach. It would be crazy to consider sunbathing in the wintry months where snow is […]

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Self Tanning Tips For Halloween Parties

The chillier months are here. What event is being look forward to aside from the holidays? Why Halloween, of course. It’s not a surprise that a lot of individuals want to step up their game when it comes to suiting up for Halloween. With so many costumes to look forward to, one of the […]

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Best Time to Apply Self Tanners

Self-tanners can be tricky to work with. If you aren't familiar with self-tanners, this is the topical approach to getting a tan.  Unlike the usual method of tanning, sunbathing and indoor tanning are pretty straightforward. These methods don't require much since you just need to lie down and let the rays do their work. […]

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Factors to Consider Before Self Tanning for Christmas

Normally, tanned skin is the highlight during summer. With the bright, sunny days and the promise of trips to tropical countries or to the beach, it’s quite a common sight. However, tanned skin is not out of season for winter. It can be eye-catching to still sport tanned skin during the wintry days but […]

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Benefits of Self Tanners to Problematic Skin

Having problematic skin can be a trying experience. To some, sensitive skin can make their choices of skin care products can be quite limited. Acne and oily skin also fall into this group. No one wants to deal with problematic skin. If you enjoy tanned skin, it’s going to take a lot of effort […]

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How To Avoid Skin Allergies when Self Tanning

Allergies is one thing to be worried about. It’s our body’s reaction and defense when a foreign pathogen or substance has entered our system. However, experience an allergic attack is not something to write home about. In worst cases, allergies can lead to an anaphylactic shock which can be quite fatal if not investigated […]

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How To Maintain Healthy Glow with Self Tanners

Trying to keep your skin looking great can be quite a hurdle. If you aren’t careful, your skin can looking dull or unhealthy. There’s a lot of factors why our skin can look lackluster. This can be due to our lack of self-care such as sleeping too little or eating the wrong food. It […]

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Exfoliating Tips Using Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating is a very important part in keeping a good skin care regimen. Normally, our skin pushes out the layer of impurities off. But as we grow older, our body tends to delegate the processes to more important parts of our bodies. We usually get to this part during our late twenties to our […]

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How to Find The Best Self Tanning Gifts

The holidays are right around the corner and there’s a lot of things to accomplish before we get to the month for gift giving. While there’s a lot of sales to anticipate, there’s also a lot of individuals to compete with for these items put on discount. While we can debate on which one […]

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Christmas Shopping Tips for Self Tanners

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s just some time ago that we celebrated the start of 2018 but here we are now, almost at the end of the year. Christmas is one of the holidays that individuals celebrate during December and the one that a lot look forward to. Shopping is one thing to […]

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