Budget-Friendly Tips in Maintaining Your Self Tan

Getting a tan can be quite an arduous task. With the summer months soon coming to a close, keeping that summer glow might be a little difficult. While you can visit your local tanning salons to get the healthy shade of bronze, it’s not actually healthy. Sunbathing and Tanning beds make use of UV rays to darken your tone. Consistent exposure to UV rays actually encourages cancer; it’s no surprise that skin cancer is the top 4 type of cancer all over the world.

beach-sand-girl-shore-53120-1This is where self tanners come in. A self tanner is a type of tanning method that does not use UV rays to get that lovely shade of tan. Self tanners make use of chemicals, some found from natural sources, to get you that summer glow. With less chances of endangering yourself and a more comfortable approach to tanning, it’s no surprise that this method of getting a tan is getting the skin care industry in a storm.

Maintaining your self tan is a tricky prospect. One of the best ways to avoid lightening your skin tone would be to consistently schedule your self tanning sessions. Having a constant schedule for your tans can not only keep your color from lightening but also to keep a much golden glow to your tan. If you’re eager to try a different approach to self tanning, you can also try out the Thermalabs set of self tanners. Thermalabs prides on using organic and natural ingredients in crafting their self tanners. This means you’re not only keeping your skin safe from further damage through radiation and getting an awesome tan but you’re also sure of what is contained in the bronzer you’re using. Nothing’s better than natural, right?

Another way to keeping your tan at its tip top condition is to avoid the pool or even the beach. While this can be tricky, you might want to skimp on these two upon newly applying your bronze tone. The bleach in the pool causes skin to lighten while the salinity of the sea water causes skin to dry up easily. Dry skin tends to crease and peel easily; we don’t want that.

You’ll also want to schedule your exfoliating days prior to self tanning. Despite knowing that exfoliation is going to scrub off a layer of tan off your skin, exfoliating is an important step to getting a great tan. Thus, being able to discern when you should exfoliate and when you should tan will greatly help you on keeping your self tan with busting a buck. voda|vulc|vx(52|53|60|61|70|80|81|83