Can Excessive Tanning Be an Addiction?

Portrait of young beautiful caucasian woman. Beauty care concept of beautiful caucasian female model  with healthy skin.

Every girl wants to have a bronze glow. Since tanning has evolved, lots of different tanning methods have evolved too. Sun bathing, other sunless tanning processes and products emerged due to the hazardous effect of sunbathing directly under the sun, mainly skin cancer. Lots of tanning beds and tanning salons came out to satisfy the hunger for a dark glow skin. However prolonged and frequent tanning, using these procedures can cause cancer due to the radiation emitted by tanning beds.

Although the threat of skin cancer is always around, heaps of tanners are still crazy of achieving a sun-kissed glow, proving it is really addictive. But don’t worry! Thermalabs has many self tanning products to offer. Aside from its easy and do-it-yourself procedure, you can choose which you prefer most of Thermalabs different products . These self tanning products take lesser effort and time than bathing under the sun for hours. Each product has a free guide on how to use it properly.

  • Self Tanning Lotion

Thermalabs offers self tanning lotion that has more organic ingredients. It is an indoor tan lotion for body and face use. There is nothing to worry about because it is safe for all skin types. With this lotion, you can control your desired glow, from light to pale, fair, medium or dark complexion.

  • Self Tanning Towelettes

Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes offer a stress-free self tanning application. No need to worry about uneven glow because all you need to do is lather the towelette on your skin and you’ll obtain a streak free tan.

  • Tanning Mitt

Thermalabs also offers self tanning mitts to free your palms from stain during tanning application. Choose your preferred self tanning products plus Thermalabs’ Ultimitt and you’ll get your most sought after tan stress free.

  • Sun Protection

Protect your skin with Thermalabs’ premium anti-aging sun block formula. Shield yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun and have a cancer-free skin.

Gaining your desired skin glow means gaining more self confidence. Tanning does not mean staying too long under the sun, sacrificing your time or your health. It doesn’t mean you have to wait till next summer to be able to darken your pale skin. It does not mean you have to risk your skin just to get it glowing. Thermalabs believes in easy tanning. Own a sun-kissed glow, sexy and smooth skin all year round.