Can You Get A Tan By Eating Gummy Bear?

Tanning has gone through various methods through the years. While it has been commonly achieved through sunbathing or indoor tanning, today’s modern innovations pave way to various methods of getting a tan; which is why we’re on the topic of getting a tan by eating gummy bears. Tanning through the means of taking something orally has been done before by the use of tanning pills. Unfortunately, these pills have caused quite a number of ill effects to various individuals. There’s also little to no research done on the success of ingesting tanning pills thus it can be a very adverse approach to getting a tan. Ingesting various chemicals especially in higher dosages than usual can cause a lot of harm to our internal organs in the long run. The same can be said to gummies. It’s quite a new fad and with the new innovation to tanning, it’s not surprising that individuals clamor to get their share of the tanning gummies.

Unfortunately, when you look at it, tanning is done on the dermal aspect which is why sunbathing; indoor tanning and even self tanning are effective. While the ingestion of various chemicals such as beta-carotene can help lengthen the duration of one’s tan, obtaining a tan is still on a surface level. If you’d like to get your tan in the safest and healthiest manner, the best method would be using a self tanner. Self tanners are applied to one’s skin and do not harm your body further.

The only downsides of self tanners are how meticulous it has to be applied to one’s skin as well as being very particular of the self tanner you are using. Each individual has their preferred tone and their own skin type. One has to be able to identify their skin type before getting their self tanner. This eliminates the chances of allergic reactions as well as having a tan that wouldn’t work with you.

If you’d like to ante up the benefit of using a self tanner, you can opt for self tanners that have been crafted through organic resources. A good self tanner brand under this approach is Thermalabs. E of their product crafted from organic ingredients as well as provided in various forms, such as towelettes or spray tanning, and having a wide selection of self tanners that cater to various skin types; you can be sure to enjoy a healthy and safe approach to getting your tanning fix.