Can You Work Out After Getting A Spray Tan?


For those eager to know, and afraid to test it out themselves, the simple answer to can you work out after getting a spray tan?’ is NOT YET. Why you ask?

Well, you first have to understand the point of spray tanning and how it works. Spray tanning involves spraying on a tanning solution that goes to work on your skin. Some offer you an immediate idea of how tan it would look like, while some spray-on tans take a bit more time to settle and then get darker.

But both kinds of spray-on tans are the same in that friction and time are factors that aid its fading. After a week or two, the tan will start to fade; lesser if you always wear tight clothing, or go swimming or shower frequently.

Attractive female exercise at home.Fitness.So ideally, how long do you have to wait before you go work out after spray tanning?

You have to wait eight to ten hours at least. During this time, keep yourself as dry as possible because like water, your sweat makes the spray-on tan fade faster.

A few more tips to keep in mind:

While waiting, keep some baby powder nearby! Since you’re trying to prevent sweating, try and stay somewhere cool and dry. Also keep in mind spots where you tend to sweat, like your underarms, the back of your knees, and the crook of your arms. You wouldn’t want ugly spots of uneven tanning.

After waiting the required eight to ten hours, take a shower and moisturize. This helps lock the color on, and lessens the fading effect when you do start sweating while working out.

Also, here are some general tips to help keep your spray-on tans longer:

Moisturize! Moisturizing your skin helps keep your spray-on tan last longer.

Shave and Exfoliate! Proper preparation before spray tanning is just as important as proper maintenance afterwards. Shaving and exfoliating ensure an even and better coverage for the spray tan to cling to your skin. But the opposite is true after you get the spray-on tan, so no shaving and scrubbing afterwards!

Stay off the pool (and the beach) chlorine and salt are your enemies after spray tanning. You’re already slowly washing off the spray-on tan when you swim, but the addition of chlorine and salt in the water only speeds up the fading process. So stay off the water! _