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Proper Self Tanning: Skin Preparation and Quick Fixes

Self tanning is not an easy feat to consider when you want to get your tanning fix done. Normally, you’d opt for sunbathing or even indoor tanning as a means to get your tan. With how easy and straightforward it is, why wouldn’t you right? Sunbathing needs only the sun and some sunscreen while […]

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How to Highlight Your Curves with Self Tanners

Being comfortable with your body can be achieved in numerous ways. This can be through makeup, exercising or trying a better selection of food as a diet. Whichever way you choose, trying to look your best can be reflected in numerous ways. However, trying to best yourself can be further improved by numerous things. […]

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Best Self Tanning Solutions While on Summer Vacation

Summer is the best time to get a tan. With how much sun there is to make up and the freedom from school or a little leeway from work, it’s the time to get the much coveted bronze tone. While that can be quite the tempting idea, it’s actually not the healthiest. The temperatures […]

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How to Fix Common Self Tanning Mistake

, When one thinks of tanning, you can’t picture anything unusual or as simple as sunbathing. That’s the common idea of getting tanned skin. If you’re not one who wants to get into tanning by lying down for hours on end under the sun, indoor tanning might be your taste. This […]

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Spray Tan Reminders for First Timers

, Tanning can be quite an appealing approach to getting a better look of yourself. If you want to make yourself make better, tanning is a great way to give yourself a new look. Sunbathing is a common approach to getting a great tan. It’s not surprising since sunbathing needs only […]

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Stop Your Fake Tan From Sweating Away With Your Workout

, Tanning is really an appealing approach to make yourself look better. Tanning can be done through various methods. Normally, we’d do our share of tanning through sunbathing since it is the most cost-effective method. Sunbathing doesn’t ask so much and needs only the sun and a reliable sunscreen. The only […]

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Must Try Skin Pampering This Summer

, Trying to get beautiful skin for summer is a feat that a lot of individuals can’t achieve. Summer is the season where a lot of individuals opt to bare themselves. This can be linked to a lot of things from the humidity to making the most of the sun’s brilliance. […]

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What’s the Safest Way to Get a Tan?

Tanning can be done through various means. But why is it so interesting to a lot of individuals? This is actually a very easy way to change a look without having to go through a lot of changes. When one thinks of a makeover, it’d be a drastic change in appearance. While makeup is […]

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“Protectan” Sunscreen: The Best Summer Sunscreen

One of the best things to look forward to when summer comes along is the very generous amount of sunshine. We have had our share of sunshine from spring but it's not as invigorating enough as summer. With summer, we can do a lot of things out and about. One of the best things […]

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Self Tanning Tips: How to Smoothen Dry Tan Patches

Tanning can be quite an appealing way to improve how you look or get more self-confidence with yourself. It's one of the ways to enjoy summer and certainly one of the easiest ways to get a new makeover. While tanned skin can be achieved by basking under the sun or inside a tanning bed, […]

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