Celebrities With Funny Spray Tan Fail and How to Avoid Experiencing It

Spray tanning is a great approach to getting one’s tan. While you can just get your bronze tone through sunbathing and indoor tanning, these methods have proven to be quite hazardous in the long run. Recent studies have proven that consistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays or those from a tanning bed can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, it’s due to the fad of tanning that skin cancer has become quite rampant in the community. A very aggressive form of skin cancer, melanoma, has caused several fatalities these past few years. It’s due to this disease that skin cancer has risen to be the fourth most common and deadly cancer to plague the globe. To prevent the instance of getting skin cancer, tanning addicts have switched to self tanning.
Unfortunately, self tanners can be tricky to work with. Not even celebrities are immune to how complex this method of tanning can be. A lot of mishaps can happen if you’re not careful and to give you some insight, here are some celebrity tanning fails and some tips to prevent this result:
Chrissy Tiegan’s imprint of her self tanned skin on her bed sheets. If you’re too tired or too excited to go to bed, self tanning isn’t a good task to do before hitting the hay for the night. If your self tanner didn’t dry well on your skin, you can end up staining not only your bed sheets but also your clothing. Try to give yourself at least two hours to let the self tanner truly dry on your skin.
Jennifer Lawrence sported a very unlikely tone to her during a Haute Couture show. Her chosen shade didn’t bode well with her usual complexion which not only earned a few stares but a curious trail of why. The best way to avoid this predicament is to build the right tan that works well with your features. You may also want to choose a shade of bronze that makes you look healthy and not sickly.
Miley Cyrus also has her spray tan fails too. She’d forgotten to blend the tan with her hands, ending up with an uneven tone for her extremities. If you’d like to avoid this mishap, you’d want to dab your hands right after doing the entire tone of your body. Most individuals would tell you to put on the last set of tanners for your hands. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, you can have a friend do it for you. This also eases out the chances of forgetting to put on some tanner or blending it well with your hands.