Celebrity Fake Tan Fail

Tanning is done by a lot of individuals. It’s a beauty compliment that a lot of individuals can enjoy without having to drastically change how they look. With that thought in mind, it’s not surprising that even celebrities would like their share of the summer glow. One of the preferred methods of getting a tan is through fake tan or self tanners. It’s the healthiest option in the market without having to raise the stakes of putting yourself in further harm.

It’s been widely known that consistent exposure to UV radiation, be it from the sun or from indoor tanning, can greatly expedite the chances of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer is no joke; melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has made its mark in the society. It’s very fatal that it has caused skin cancer to rise as one of the most deadly and common cancers across the globe. Self tanner was brought to ease the chances of skin cancer while still enjoying a bronze hue.

Self tanners are no walk in the park and even some celebrities have their share of mishaps on trying to get their bronze fix. Here are some situations you can relate to and something to consider when you get your share of tanning mishaps:

– If you ever get your share of summer glow but go around with such a strong hue, you’re not alone. Ross Gellar and Ryan Reynolds have gone around with an orange tan on red carpet. Even Jennifer Lawrence sported a tan that’s too orange for her natural skin tone. If that’s not mortifying enough, an over saturated tan might not be so bad.

–  No one likes an uneven tan. It’s quite difficult to meld the tone on your face and your body. Sometimes the tan you use on your body isn’t safe to be used for your face. This is what happened with Victoria Beckham whose body had quite the bronze glow but her face is still lighter by a few shades. In order to sort out this mishap, you’ll want to gradually build up the color on your skin for both your body and your face. Try to dab the tone to your skin if you’re not skilled with using a self tanner or have a friend to help you out.

– Don’t overdo the color. While this can be considered as over saturation, some individuals choose a shade of tan that doesn’t complement their looks. This would be the 2000’s version of Paris Hilton who was the undisputed queen of using self tanners back then. It’s always a good idea to opt for a much natural tone.